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My Message to the DCS Range Company

Written by Appliance Dude | June 14th, 2013

Dear DCS,
How are things out in Cali? Errr, I mean in Kiwi-land? Wait, I know you’re somewhere out in the Pacific Rim…

Anyway, I am writing to make a few suggestions on how you may be able to improve your product thus goose sales a bit northward. Hopefully I won’t come across as a pompous know-it-all whose appliance pedigree is siting behind a computer all day shooting barely profitable prices at people.
I write to you as not only a valued dealer of your product but also as an admirer of your heritage as a premium cooking appliance company. I come to you with knowledge culled from talking to countless shoppers. Their word is gold. I am only a messenger.

Considering your reputation, product quality/performance and the relatively low pricing you offer in the high end, I don’t know why I’m not selling more of your product. I mean, let’s look at what you offer:

– gas and dual fuel styles
– an assortment of sizes – 30, 36, 48 (who needs a 60″?!)
– 5 burners on the 30″
– full extension telescopic racks
– a concealed lower element in the dual fuel ranges which gives you 12% more usable space
– infrared broiler in gas ranges
– dual flow brass burners (stronger, last longer!)
– great F&#&# prices for a high end range!

Ok what’s not to love about your product?

Your handle.
Your toe kick.

This is what customers are telling us. Lots of them.

I would say that the DCS range is the most polarizing product that we offer in the showroom.
It’s either loved, or abhorred. And it all comes down to looks. The aesthetic. Dig?

I appreciate the fact that your designers wanted to move the range in a different stratosphere looks-wise than the Viking, Wolf, Thermador, Monogram and your lil cousin Capital.
But I feel that the thrust for uniqueness was pressed down to hard.

My wish is that you offer a different handle option as well as a different toe kick.
Make those changes and sales are going up. Promise.

The DCS RGU366 36" Gas Range

The DCS RGU366 36″ Gas Range – Yo I’m not feeling the accordion toe kick. Please give us another option!

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