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Liebherr CS-1640 – No Water Line Needed

Written by Appliance Dude | June 18th, 2013

One of the beautiful things about being an appliance jedi is that it creates a vast space for humility.
For instance, when a shopper one-ups me on knowledge of a particular model, I accept it and embrace it!
Jedis believe in continuing education, your training never ceases!

Case in point – the Liebherr CS-1640. 30″ stainless refrigerator. I know alot about Liebherr refrigerators. Sell a decent amount of them. But I never knew this model had a built-in, non-plumbed icemaker. Wait, an icemaker in a Liebherr that doesn’t take a water line…WTF?

After some research I discovered that the CS-1640 does in fact provide automatic icemaker that does not require any plumbing. Inside the refrigerator is a water pitcher that fills the valve.
It provides the same advanced cooling as the CS-1660. If you want to step up to the CS-1660 then you get the LED lighting, gallon door storage and stainless wrapped sides.

Thanks for the info Kristine!

Liebherr CS-1640 at Curto's - Westchester NYC

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