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More Liebherr Love – 24″ Refrigerator Rundown

Written by Appliance Dude | June 19th, 2013

On the heels of yesterday’s Liebherr enlightenment I’ve decided to offer the complete analysis of their 24″ refrigerator offerings on one page. So those who have spatially challenged kitchens and can only do a 24″ or those who are looking to combine (2) 24″s to make a 48″, here are the goodies.
It’s a confusing line to sell so bear with me…

Focusing on refrigerators today, all-freezers to follow…..

I. FREESTANDING (“I have no need nor desire to build this into cabinetry”)
24″ Cabinet Depth, Freestanding Fridge/Freezer.
At 24″ wide this bad boy can be used either in a cabinet or as a freestanding piece b/c it’s sides are wrapped.

You can buy this hinged either on the left or right side

The CS1360 and CS1361 both come with factory installed icemakers.

Fridge – 9.7 cu ft
Freezer – 3.3 cu ft
Models – CS-1311, CS-1310,
Models with icemaker – CS1360, CS1361

II. BUILT-IN MODELS (“This shizzle is getting placed in a cabinet”)
24″ Built-in Stainless Steel ALL FRIDGE
This is a built-in unit meaning it’s going to jut out slightly from your cabinets.

Normally 80″ high, you have an option of making this 84″ with the addition of a top vent kit

The RB1410 is the BioFresh model, $500 upcharge for this feature which act as seperate system, preserves food longer.
Models – R-1410, RB-1410 (bio fresh)

24″ Built-in Framed or Overlay Wood Panel Models
Buy these if you abhor stainless.
Energy Star compliant
Fridge capacity is 13.5 cu ft
LED lighting
Handles are mandatory for framed look (does anyone still do that?)
Models – RI-1410, RBI-1410 (bio fresh)

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