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Electrolux Twin Refrigerators

Written by Appliance Dude | June 22nd, 2013

If you really want to save a dime (or two) and still get a fridge with a ton of storage capacity and that also looks cool, I would consider the Frigidaire / Electrolux twins. These are a pair of all fridge/all freezer that ideally are conjoined with a trim kit and made to look like one big-ass 64″ fridge. The cool thing is that Electrolux offers them in 3 flavors.
First you have the Frigidaire version FPRH19D7LF:

Then you have practically the same fridge under the Electrolux badge, with a nearly $700 upcharge.

Stepping up you go to Icon which is considered their pro offering. Prices now travel north of $2000 each and what you are getting are different handles and badge. Also in the Electrolux models the door bins are adjustable.

We don’t sell a ton of these but folks who purchase are always singing the twin’s praises after owning them for quite a bit. What’s not to love? Reputable company, solid construct, designer look without their price tag.

Frigidaire 32" All Refrigerator. Buy the connect kit and merge with a 32" all freezer!

Frigidaire 32″ All Refrigerator. Buy the connect kit and merge with a 32″ all freezer!

Electrolux Twins Joined Together

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