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Electrolux Refrigerators: Would I Trust Them Now?

Written by Appliance Dude | June 25th, 2013

Today I wrote up a beautiful Electrolux package for a couple. Even though they have the utmost confidence in their decision, there was some wavering going on at the 11th hour on one product – the fridge. Now if you Google “Electrolux french door refrigerator problems” you will be hit with an avalanche of comments that basically paint a more garish picture than Linda Blair’s bedroom in the Exorcist. As we wrapped up the sale, the wife implored me to give her as much updated info on the ELX fridges as possible. I told her everything I knew – the models with water and ice on the door were unmitigated disasters for several years, Electrolux did NOT do a good job servicing customers who were snake-bitten, but eventually they opted for a nuclear solution and rebuilt the fridge from the ground up.
So what you were left with is a new fridge as of Spring 2012 with a dummed-down icemaker.
I’ve sold a number of fridges in that time and haven’t had one hiccup. My former Elx rep told me that the last of the bad fridges had moved out of warehouses in the Spring of 2012 and that everything was clean from that point on.

So the moral of the story is buy the Electrolux french door fridge with water and ice in the door with confidence.
And if you really want to rest easy at night buy an extended warranty (just make sure it’s not one of those worthless pieces of paper called a free 10yr warranty…don’t get me started on that!)

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