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New GE Cafe Refrigerators are Here…Hip-Hip-Hooray

Written by Appliance Dude | June 27th, 2013

After what seemed like a year-long wait (hold on, it was over a year…and then some!) GE’s new Cafe
french door refrigerators have finally hit warehouses and showroom floors. Wow.
That was an interminable wait. Good thing is that it looks like they were worth the delay.
I was never the biggest fan of the older Cafe fridges b/c I though they just felt, I don’t know, kind of flimsy? At least compared to an Electrolux or a KitchenAid IMHO…
These new boxes have definitely been souped up and bring some groovy features to the table.

There are two models:
Standard Depth:
CFE29TSDSS – This is a 29 cu ft monster, perfectly for American families who like to shop at warehouse clubs. Like my wife!

Counter Depth:
CYE23TSDSS – This was the unit that was really D – E – L – A – Y – E – D. Thankfully it arrived before the villagers showed up at our storefront with torches. Much anticipated, and it delivers.



Aside from touting the Built in America selling point, the other point that is being bandied about is the inclusion of a hot water dispenser. Is this something the public was clamoring for? Prob not, but it seems to the feature drawing the most attention (aside from the Cafe logo switching from Red to black!).

Why not let GE tell us directly how this feature will help your household…roll it!


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