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Bertazzoni Free Hood Promotion: Like This

Written by Appliance Dude | June 28th, 2013

Bertazzoni has started their (seemingly) annual free hood giveaway. I find many of these appliance rebates/deals to be full or fluff but this is a great deal. Make that a fantastic deal.

Works like this – purchase a Bertazzoni range:

Master Series:
MAS30, MAS36, MAS48

Professional Series:
PRO24, PRO30, PRO36, PRO48

Heritage Series:
HER36, HER48

Get a free hood or OTR micro.

Or, if you are opting to roll with a cooktop/wall oven combo you can still qualify for the free hood to be used over the cooktop. In this case the micro would be ideal or one of the lower powered hoods that Bertazzoni offers.

If you want to go with one of these ventilation products, you’ll receive them at HALF PRICE.
KU30PRO1X 30”W 600 CFM Undercabinet hood (chimney opt.)
KU36PRO1X 36”W 600 CFM Undercabinet hood (chimney opt.)
KU36PRO2X 36”W 1200 CFM Undercabinet hood (chimney opt.)
KU48PRO2X 48”W 1200 CFM Undercabinet hood (chimney opt.)
K36HD2X 36”W 1200 CFM Wall Mount hood (chimney opt.)
K48HD2X 48”W 1200 CFM Wall Mount hood (chimney opt.)
K36CONX 36”W 600 CFM Wall Mount Chimney hood
K48CONX 48”W 600 CFM Wall Mount Chimney hood
KG36CONX 36”W 600 CFM Design Series Chimney hood
KG48CONX 48”W 600 CFM Design Series Chimney hood
K36HERX 36”W Heritage Range Hood (KC36HER__ req’d)
KC36HER__ 36”W Heritage Color Canopy (K36HERX req’d)
K48HERX 48”W Heritage Range Hood (KC48HER__ req’d)
KC48HER__ 48”W Heritage Color Canopy (K48HERX req’d)

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2 Responses

  1. Lynette Gilliam says:

    I’m on the other side of the world but I still need your advice. I’m really taken by the Bertazzoni 36 inch gas range but the reviews are sooo negative. I realize their are a million Bertazzoni’s out there that are not being reviewed but I still hesitate. I asked a local appliance repair company for a consult and they wouldn’t give opinions. They said I should read reviews. Hmmm…I’m nervous. The other option is the Bosch 30 inch gas range. Do you have any words of advice?
    Thank you for your time,

    • Appliance Dude says:

      don’t read reviews. They are mostly horse#&&#.
      Bertazzoni is a nice brand. Pretty ranges. Certainly not built like tanks.
      They have a nice following and the aesthetic rocks.
      I really love Bosch ranges. So pretty. If they were a female (and I was single) I would date one.

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