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Viking Invades KBIS…With the Appliance Dude

Written by Appliance Dude | February 20th, 2014

UPDATE: 2/20/14
What an absolute HONOR to be handpicked by Viking President Selim Bassoul to introduce him at the KBIS Viking reception the other week in Las Vegas. The Appliance Dude is loved! It was a wild 48 hour ride, truly legendary and Nikki and I savored every moment of the love. And the fact that Viking completely shredded like early Van Halen and swept up all the Best of KBIS awards is telling..they had a ton of well-thought products boasting impeccable design. The booth was huge and was an absolute mob scene. The Dude’s videos were blasted over 4 screens, then I took the mic in front of 200+ strong and laid the ground for Selim Bassoul to bust ass. This man has done an incredible job resurrecting the Viking brand in little more than a year. It’s actually frightening!

I want to thank the THOUSANDS of people who have contacted me over the last 2 years, your LOVE (and business) has driven me, and this is the ultimate testament to my growing tsunami of appliance blogness. I will not be stopped.

Enjoy the show!

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