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Written by Appliance Dude | May 14th, 2014

This kitchen in Briarcliff Manor in Westchester County NY was delivered by Curto’s earlier this year and it begs to be discussed.

Why? Because it bucks the (lazy) trend that I have seen afflict the luxury appliance business in the past 5 years or so. The owner decided to pursue an alla carte strategy when it came to selecting his appliances instead of just doing a package deal in one brand. Why are the vast majority packaging under one brand? Rebates! (and to a lesser extent the ability to precisely match handles and grains in stainless steel).

It’s much easier for the salesperson and the consumer to work a one brand package, and yes you will potentially save more due to the instant cash back or free dw or ventilation product that ma be coming your way. However there is an appeal to rocking an alla carte package, a certain sense of daring and adventure as you buck an industry trend…it also allows you to shop for best of breed in each category which you can’t attain under one brand.

So heading back to the kitchen in Briarcliff… The decision was to avoid expensive built-in refrigeration and instead direct the majority of the appliance budget towards the cooking appliance so the customer decided to buy one of the first Blue Star Platinum series ranges (it was actually the 3rd one shipped by BlueStar). For the refrigeration component they went with the twin Electrolux 32″ all fridge/all freezer, joined together by both a top and bottom trim kit. Take a look at that pic and tell me if you think that fridge / freezer combo costs less than $7k…well it does…much less!

As for the dishwasher they went with 2, with one of them being Bosch’s new bestseller the SHP65TL5uc – the flush handle has been a huge hit and a major coup for Bosch.

Ventilation is provided by Vent-a-hood, our first choice when a serious venting solution is needed  – in this case it’s above the most powerful range available for residential use.


Morale of the story folks – I know package deals are easy and friendly to the wallet, but don’t forget those alla carte deals!




BlueStar Platinum Range + Ventahood


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