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DCS Outdoor Gas Grill – The Bestseller

Written by Appliance Dude | May 18th, 2014

We are neck deep in outdoor grill season in the Northeast (funny how it got off to a late start again this year) and it is amazing to watch DCS (for the second year in a row) pull a Secretariat and blow past the competition in sales. Granted we have a beautiful DCS built-in display in our entranceway but it is far more involved than that because we also have Alfresco on display in the same area.
I think folks are just doing their research, coming to our showroom, touching and playing with the assortment of grills and then when looking at the numbers, the DCS simply makes the most sense. It’s the old cost/benefit analysis – why spend in the low $4000’s for the Lynx, Alfresco or other brands (for a 36″) when you can save $700-$1000 and get what many perceive to be a superior grill in the DCS?
I’ll state it time and time again – no one can touch DCS when it comes to their sloped grates which pretty much minimize the bane of any griller – flareups. Why other brands haven’t aped this design can only lead me to believe that DCS has patented it b/c it is far superior to what the other brands are offering grate-wise.
Now we have put a 42″ Alfresco grill in a built-in display right next to the DCS one, so I’m curious to see how its sales will be over the next 2 weeks as the season works up to a fevered pitch. Is it the product placement in the showroom? Is it the price? The feature set? Let the consumer decide…

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DCS 48″ Grill with access doors – Image courtesy of western dupage landscaping

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