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Viking French Door Oven – VDOF730SS – Imminent Arrival!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 19th, 2014

UPDATE 7/10/14 – The Viking French Door Wall Oven is Here @ Curto’s

It’s almost here – the Viking French Door Double oven aka the VDOF730SS is about to be released.
(you may have received an email from Viking 2 weeks ago “introducing” the new french door double oven…that was slightly premature – the ovens are in production now)
I’ve been told I will have mine in my new display within the next 2 weeks, so we are shooting for on/around June 1 and at that time a full review will ensue. Considering I have the only 7 Series range in all of NY and NJ, odds are good that the french door will be here first as well. 🙂

I am incredibly excited about this piece. I have seen it in person 2x, the first time being at the KBIS show back in early February. The buzz around the piece was simply insane and it ended up winning best of KBIS. I believe the piece was inspired by the Blodgett commercial ovens that Viking’s parent company also owns – they are best of breed pieces used in commercial kitchen worldwide so the heritage is certainly there (many feel that Blodgett ovens are the Garland range of ovens…high praise indeed!)

Viking Sweeps KBIS Awards

As we now have the largest Viking display in Westchester County and Manhattan, folks have been visiting our new showroom and asking many questions about the new Viking french door oven. One question that continues to crop up is “why didn’t they make both ovens French Door style?”

Initially my uneducated opinion was that Viking didn’t think there was a need to have a French door in the lower cavity as it would have been more difficult to open at the lower height than a traditional pull-down oven. But since the Appliance Dude makes his living as a trust agent and information broker, I needed to take the extra step and get the good word direct from Viking’s engineers.
There are actually multiple answers:
1 – they didn’t think the French Door was as important in lower oven b/c ergonomics isn’t as much of an issue there (this jives with my answer!)
2 – they wanted a thermal self clean oven in one of the cavities
3 – cost (of course!)

The cool thing is that the the lower cavity will offer the vaunted Viking glass infrared broiler which is in their traditional VEDO5302 pro wall oven. This is dubbed the Extra Large Gourmet Glo broiler and I believe that Viking and Capital are the only companies offering glass broilers which are KEY! They will sear better and cook faster.

Other items of interest – 10 pass bake element, 2 easy glide extension racks in each oven, blue LED lights behind knobs, and a 4.7 cu capacity oven which Viking is touting as the largest in the industry.

Please note that colors have been cut down – they will be available in stainless, cobalt blue, burgundy, white graphite gray and black.

More to come once the Viking French Door oven hits my display.

Viking French Door Oven

Viking French Door Double Oven as Photographed by the Appliance Dude at KBIS 2014

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