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Viking RVGR3305BSS Gas Range: Reborn, Now Selling it Like Silly

Written by Appliance Dude | June 1st, 2014

I think we sold about 10 Viking RVGR3305BSS 30″ gas ranges in the last week.
I thought this piece was dead as of a few months ago.
Let me explain…

This range has had more personas than Regan in the Excorcist. Designer Series. D2. D3. D-whatever.
Viking without the Professional tag. Head spinning here just thinking about all of its different names.
Was this a Viking for the masses that couldn’t afford their classic Professional series? Or was it a modern twist on a Viking with continuous flush grates and a sleeker handle and knob profile?
Mind you I thought the latter iterations of the RVGR3305BSS had a really nice feature package. It just didn’t have an identity.

My initial Viking 3 Series Range Review from Back in the Day

Aside from a lack of identity and poorly articulated positioning in the marketplace, I thought this piece was finished b/c of a violent price swing to the north that occurred earlier this year. We went from positioning against GE Cafe/Electrolux/KitchenAid to having to put it in the same sentence as the Viking Professional series, Wolf, Thermador etc. So I figured death would come swiftly.

Well, I was wrong. Incredibly, after the price increase the RVGR3305 is actually selling much more than it had in the past and I think it has to do with simple positioning by us.

Now dubbed the “3 Series” by Viking, it acts as the introduction to their cooking offerings – 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series. When we opened our new showroom I decided to move it out of the core slide-in range area where its neighbors were GE Cafe, Electrolux, KitchenAid et al. It now lives in our 30″ High Octane Range Row with assorted offerings from BlueStar, Capital, American Range etc. And you know what? Its game has been elevated, simply by moving and identifying it as something much more than a GE Cafe or Electrolux competitor albeit at a much higher price point. It’s actually populating a newly-formed gap between the Cafe range and the traditional 30″ pro models like the Viking VGCC5304, the Wolf GR304 and the Thermador PRG304GH. It offers self cleaning (if that’s important to you), a convection oven, a slide out rack, a fifth burner, a 3 yr warranty, a 90 day no quibble policy and a $400 instant rebate. It can also be installed with a 6″ riser or with corner trim that will make it appear as a slide-in range. So it is FLEXIBLE and modern looking and powerful and…it’s a Viking and for many, many folks that is still a very powerful cooking brand.

I can also report that the owner of Viking LOVES the 3 Series and is fully behind it so this product should be a long term piece in the Viking playbook. So my advice is to go to your local showroom (and if you are in NYC, Westchester County or Rockland come visit Curto’s at 1966 Central Park Ave in beautiful and buccolic Yonkers) and check out the RVGR3305BSS. I am witnessing a rebirth of sorts and it seems to be making lots of new friends as all of our customers are raving about it.

RVGR3305bSS 30

Viking 3 Series Range – Curto’s Appliances. Visit our showroom offering the largest Viking display in Westchester County.

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