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Capital Outdoor Grills – The Best Outdoor Grill?

Written by Appliance Dude | June 14th, 2014

It looks like Capital outdoor grills will be available again soon here in the Northeast. Not that they were really GONE, but they certainly weren’t being pushed by their former distributor thus they didn’t have any share of dealer floors.

That’s about to change, at least for Curto’s. With our focus on outdoor appliances we need to show best of breed and I can emphatically tell you that Capital makes one of the best grills in the industry AND I’m happy (and quite excited) to say that after previewing their new Maestro series it looks like they may have created the best grill in the business.

I’ll have more pics and product info on the Maestro series soon, but rest assured that if you are looking for a high performance grill, Capital is right there in the rarefied outdoor specialist air that Alfresco and Lynx are breathing as well. Details on the Capital outdoor grills to come…


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