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My Wolf OG36 Outdoor Grill – Use and Care Review

Written by Appliance Dude | June 19th, 2014

The summer grilling season got off to a late start this year. Was it the tempestuous Northeast weather? Laziness? Lack of time due to the imminent opening of the new Curto’s showroom? Nay, nay, nay.

It was because of a fire.

Right before Memorial Day I had my grill guru come out and perform my opening day tune up  -he will thoroughly clean the grill, scrubbing and burning and vacuuming it until it”s almost passable as a semi-new grill (that may be a slight exaggeration but it’s a huge improvement in the looks and performance dept)

So he comes out on a Monday, says I’m ready to go, and that evening my wife grills chicken breasts with an Asian marinade (soy sauce, garlic, sake, olive oil). I closed the grill down that night without incident, then the next day I went back out in the afternoon to turn it on….and the hose which attaches the LP tank to the grill crumbled in my hand, turning to black soot. I looked at the back of the grill and the wiring harness for the igniter was fried as well. In addition the entire side of the grill which is stainless, had turned black and none of the lights were working. There was also significant discoloration on the right side of the inside of the hood.

To make a long story somewhat short, we called in the experts at Northeastern Appliance in Peekskill (Troy and his guys are sages when it comes to servicing Wolf/SubZero product) and after 2 visits the grill was repaired. So what happened?

The most passable theory is that there was a small leak in the hose which allowed trace amounts of gas out which eventually sparked thus allowing a low level burn to smoke out the wiring and discolor the grill’s panel) . We believe it was a spark and a very low fire (if that)  because if there was full-on burn going on theLP tank would have blown up and surrounding combustibles (ivy wall) that are somewhat nearby would have ignited. The bottom line is that the grill is fixed and I have learned some critically valuable lessons about use and care that can be used for any outdoor grill using an LP tank.

1 -keep it clean – this is one of grill guru Steve Raichlen ‘ s tenets. Soiled grill grates will wrought all types of evil, including flare ups or even post grilling fires. You also make sure to clean out the briquettes and other pieces of the firebox to make sure large particles of food aren’t maintainig a home down there. There are many potential fire hazards so keep it clean folks.


2 – always turn your tank off after grilling. I used to get lazy and at times would just leave the regulator knob in the OPEN position. Not a good idea. Always close it when not in use


3 – check your hose –  I had been using the same hose (which connects the LP tank to the grill) for the last 2 years. We had an especially brutal winter where the grill had been practically buried by snow numerous times. Maybe the ice and prolonged Siberianesque temperatures beat on the hose so much that it became unstable, thus allowing for the leak which burned my grill? Tough to say but you can bet that I will be checking on the hose’s condition more frequently now.


Happy Grilling and Be Safe!



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