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GE Monogram Review – New Prices July 1 (refrigerators/ranges)

Written by Appliance Dude | July 2nd, 2014

As I gaze into the crystal ball I can see things developing on the GE Monogram front in the second half of the year.

New Monogram French Door Oven...Yes it Self cleans!

New Monogram French Door Oven…Yes it Self cleans!

I was very happy to see that starting July 1 GE decided to cut prices up to $1000 on some built in Monogram fridges. They also sweetened up the rebate so if you rock a full package including built-in fridge then you can receive a few free items between a dishwasher, beverage center, hood insert etc. People love the free product…go ask Thermador!

So what’s going to happen now? I think sales are going to come back over the second half of the year. Big Fall buying season coming up as folks ready their kitchens for the Holidays. WHy? How?
Here’s the formula:
Price correction + Better Rebate + New Products/Cool tech = win for consumers

I know there are folks out there who would never buy Monogram b/c it’s GE. Understood. Move on.
But for the rest of us I believe it can be a compelling alternative in the high end (yes, I consider it a “high-end” brand, not a “mass-premium” like some of its detractors like to paint it)

They have spent a fortune on R&D and are always coming out with new product. Check out the
new single Monogram French Door oven which, unlike the Viking VDOF730 french door oven, will offer self cleaning.

They have a full suite of products. They’ve invested in learning center/showrooms in both Chicago and NYC so if you live anywhere near those metro areas you have NO REASON not to be educated on Monogram (and I’d like to point out to the metro NYC customers that the crew at the Monogram center in NYC’s A&D building is top notch..Paula is the boss down there, go see her)

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