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Summer Appliance Wrap – Appliance Package Deals are Changing

Written by Appliance Dude | September 2nd, 2014

Wow, did the summer go by that quick? (I know it’s not technically over if you are a devotee of the autumnal equinox but with Kindergarten starting this week summer is OVER in our house!)

I was blinded the last few months. We opened the new place quietly on May 5 and any thought of creeping slowly in the new digs flew out the window as we had record months in June and July. What’s going to happen when we actually start publicizing Curto’s Mach 2?

However the rush and thrust of business did not prevent the Appliance Dude from listening and observing. And here’s one major trend that I have spotted since May and I see continuing unabated as we continue to put kitchens together for delivery by year end:

Kitchen Appliance Package deals under one brand are falling by the wayside. That’s right – the brand package deals (which are so incredibly boring to sell) which have been on the table since 2009 are definitely waning in popularity. Folks are willing to give up the free dw (ok maybe not so quick on that one) but they are passing on some of the other promos and putting together what they deem are actually best of breed in each category, or, they are spending more money on the cooking appliances and NOT buying built-in 84″ high fridges and instead are opting for 36″ counter depth units and saving 5-6K in the process. I just had someone come in the other day and buy a Wolf range, Bosch dw, Faber hood, and an Electrolux 36″ fridge and a less expensive fridge for the garage for more storage.
Here’s another example – in this case they splurge on a 36″ SubZero french door which is 9k, but instead of putting the Wolf appliances in the deal, they opt for a Capital range, Faber hood (again) and a mid-priced Bosch dw. Money was left on the table in this deal but the customer justified it b/c they A) wanted independence as far as brands were concerned and B) Felt strongly that their dollar stretched the furthest with Capital cooking appliances.

Go figure!

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