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Bertazzoni Range Review – Bella Figura!

Written by Appliance Dude | September 11th, 2014


It’s official, I have developed a crush on Bertazzoni ranges.

La Bella Figura!

That’t the Italian concept of looking good.
In fashion.
In Art.
Actually in any element of design.
You see it in their cars. Their plates of pasta. Their shoes. Their hairstyles. Their scooters.

I lived in Italia for awhile and you can see “bella figura” steeped in every aspect of their culture (actually one could argue that they need to start focusing less on $*@*@ looking good and more on innovation and pumping up a shit economy, but this isn’t the forum for that folks!)

When I look at the Bertazzoni line of appliances, I see bella figura everywhere.
As we finished the first phase of construction of our new showroom and I scanned all of our displays, I felt that the nicest looking one was the Bertazzoni display…bella figura!

The cool thing about their line if ranges is that they have come a long way from being just beautiful pieces of art from the other side, and now, are baked (no pun intended) with some cool features which make them stand out against their direct Italian competitors from Verona and Fisher Paykel (I know they are a New Zealand company but the range design originated in Italia).

First check out the resin coated Bertazzoni knobs on their range. They allow you to separately control the outer and inner rings. Precision! Control! Now you’ll never burn the middle of that chicken cutlet b/c the oil pooled on the outer surface of your pan! I know Verona and Fisher Paykel don’t offer this and I don’t believe any other range manufacturers do it (but I will check that).

The outer and inner burners which are separately controlled by the Bertazzoni knobs.

The outer and inner burners which are separately controlled by the Bertazzoni knobs.

Bertazzoni Range Knobs

And can I get some love for the Bertazzoni “Thermanater”? This is a fictitious name that we have given this safety device which Bertazzoni has built into all of their ranges. What it does is detect gas pressure in relation to temperature – if it detects a gas build up YET the temperature of the burner and igniter isn’t increasing, it will shut the igniter down so you aren’t exposed to a gas leak. I believe it gives 60 seconds to continue trying to ignite and then it shuts down.
Some folks may think this is overkill. As a father with three small children in my home, I like this. Alot.

The Bertazzoni "Thermanater"

The Bertazzoni “Thermanater”

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