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Review: My Wolf OG36 Grill Handles a Rib Eye and Skirt Steak

Written by Appliance Dude | September 18th, 2014

Where the Appliance Dude Reviews his Wolf OG36 Grill and how it handles two potentially problematic cuts of beef

Customers who are shopping for a high-end outdoor grill will ultimately ask me which one I own.
Answer: Wolf OG36.
Then I’m asked whether I like it.

The grill (at least the one I own) has a dual personality. On one hand it’s an extremely well-built savage (manufactured by the lovely and talented uber gas engineer Dante Cantal) that when handled the right way will do the job and then some – produces a great sear on the sear station side, uses thick-ass stainless grates, etc. Build quality is not an issue.

However from a performance standpoint I have issues. Main problem is that of sustained flareups which happen way too often for a grill at this price point. If you are grilling food with a marinade or with heavy fat content…what did the Human Torch used to say???…FLAME ON!
I’ve converted numerous hamburgers into hockey pucks and ruined other meals due to my inability to handle the grills and it’s flamethrowing ways.


That said…
This past weekend the dichotomy of this grill reared it’s head in full force and prompted me to write this post.
I bought a rib eye and skirt steak at DeCicco’s in Pelham (very nice butcher, great quality, decent prices).
Nikki marinated the skirt steak in:
olive oil

The rib eye was my piece so I proceeded to lather it in Jake’s Beef Rub which is a coffee-based rub that has completely set itself apart from all other rubs tha I’ve used (Montreal rub? Cmon man!)

Rib Eye from Decicco's in Pelham. Great marbling in this piece.

Rib Eye from Decicco’s in Pelham. Great marbling in this piece.

As you may or may not know, the rib eye is one of the fattier cuts of beef so I went into this grilling session knowing I needed to be really attentive at the grill or I was facing the potential of Mt Vesuvius awakening in my backyard. I was on complete flare up alert and was poised to deal with it. As for the skirt steak I needed to be cautious as well b/c if that cut is overcooked in the slightest it will taste and chew like a bicycle tire.

Results: Skirt Steak
Skirt steak behaved rather nicely. 4 mins on each side to cook it to medium as Nikki prefers her steak. Yes, I had some infernal moments when I first placed the skirt steak on the grill but after shifting the steak to another spot it calmed down and I didn’t experience any other flares.
Nikki told me it was the best skirt steak she has ever tasted and we have eaten at some fantastic restaurants in/around the NYC metro area where they do skirts steaks fine. Major props to the Appliance Dude and my boy Jamie Purviance for precise instructions on how to grill a skirt steak.

Results: RibEye
This is where it got interesting. Check out the video. Shit got hot. Flames were abounding. The fat was flaring up and no matter where I moved that rib eye, flames would follow. I closed the lid to try and extinguish the flames and then when I smoke pouring out of the back of the grill hood I quickly threw it open and was greeted with this:

Whether it was the rain or divine intervention from Jamie Purviance and Steve Raichlen (who desperately needs a haircut. Steve, the disco hippie thing is not working for you) , I took that rib eye off the direct heat side grill at the 8 min mark, moved it over to non-direct heat source so as to cook the inside a bit more, then…came out with one of the best steaks I have tasted.
Look at the results – fantastic caramelization/crusting on top. Remember, searing is not about locking in juices (right Raichlen!?)
That crust has so many flavor compounds built into it from the rub and searing process…I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Can you say caramelization?

Can you say caramelization?

Bang. Perect. Look at that crust juxtaposed by the juicy pink interior.

Bang. Perect. Look at that crust juxtaposed by the juicy pink interior.

I was very happy with my performance and I gave the Wolf OG36 a nod and a wink for being a partner in the process.
Yes it’s been a love/hate relationship but it played a role in these steaks coming out so good and for that I’m going to be a little compassionate and will give it some more time before I bring another pro grill in for demos.

Next up…brisket???!!!!

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