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New DCS Ranges Are Here: Curto’s Review

Written by Appliance Dude | October 9th, 2014

Where the Appliance Dude at Curto’s in Westchester County NY welcomes the release of the new DCS ranges

Praise be to whomever…DCS has finally released a new version of their venerable indoor ranges. As a big DCS fan I have suffered for the past 4 years trying to sell a DCS product that (to me) suffered from an inherent design flaw – an ugly handle and toekick. Could a handle and toe kick really matter that much? In this case I resoundingly say YES, especially if you were thinking of piecing together an entire DCS suite – the large squared off handle looked atrocious on their refrigerator and dishwasher, so the end result was that we would simply sell the DCS range as a “onesie” piece in a kitchen with other appliance brands.

While I laud the DCS design team for trying to be different when they initially designed the squared-off handle instead of just offering another “me-too” pro range, I think it back-fired b/c the range became too polarizing to consumers.

So thankfully they listened to their dealer base and have decided to offer the same range but with a different handle, toe kick and different knobs (a bit shinier).

(newer handle on top)
New DCS Handle Option

This is a great move from DCS and one that will definitely push sales northward as the new handle looks fantastic on the ancillary appliances so you will see more fridges and dw’s sold to complete a DCS kitchen.

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