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New Viking Induction Cooktops

Written by Appliance Dude | November 4th, 2014

First post on the new Curto’s blog!

The New 36" Viking Inducttion Cooktop - Most Powerful in the Biz

The New 36″ Viking Induction Cooktop – Most Powerful in the Biz

Have to give it to my friends at Viking who keep pumping out such innovative new product. 2014 has given us the 7 Series ranges, French Door Double Oven, new built-in refrigeration that’s pretty much bulletproof, new gas cooktops…now the party moves to induction.

Not only are the new induction cooktops absolutely sexy looking with their cool blue LED lights that illuminate cooking zones and an updated beveled edge which looks great and allows for easier cleanup, but this baby packs POWER.

On the 36″ model there are 6 induction elements that each pack 3700 watts of power. If you convert watts to BTU’s, those 3700 watts are equivalent to each burner being rated at 26,584 BTU’s. Where’s the wok!?

The 30″ and 36″ induction cooktops will be available in late November. Stay tuned!

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