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Viking 30″ Range Battle – RVGR3315bss vs. VGCC5304bss – Review

Written by Appliance Dude | November 14th, 2014


Due to the opening of the new Curto’s showroom my time on camera was significantly limited throughout the summer and early Fall. Well friends, the time is now ripe for my return so I’m ready to start dropping love and knowledge all over the appliance biz again.

You’ll notice many changes in my new videos – I’ve got a new set (what other appliance dealership do you know that has a TV studio?!), a plethora of new appliances to talk about and many other surprises which I’ll be dropping on the public’s collective heads in the coming months.
Damn, I love my new home!

So let’s start off with one of my favorite brands – Viking. This post is dedicated to analyzing the difference between the two Viking 30″ ranges – the RVGR3305BSS and the VGCC5304BSS. I am seeing a lot of play on these models and a lot of questions about their features so it only made sense to produce a video post.

**NB – please note that I was remiss in mentioning a MAJOR difference which is the broiler system. The 3 Series RVGR3305BSS uses a bulky and somewhat antiquated broil element (that in my opinion takes up a lot of room in the oven cavity). The VGCC5304BSS uses the classic Viking infrared broiler which is hotter, sears better and takes up less room in the oven can. I will shoot another vid detailing these two.

Any questions please hit me up at Jonathan at curtos dot com or come into the showroom. Also, I do not take solicitations…I’m too busy helping people learn about appliances, sorry!

Roll ’em…..

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