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Thermador Duel Fuel Range vs Gas Range Review

Written by Appliance Dude | December 11th, 2014

Amazing how much interest there is in Thermador lately. Traditionally known for their wall ovens (yes, that was a Thermador oven that both Julia Child and Alice from the Brady Bunch used), Thermador has spent the last decade rolling out more and more great product to the point where they now have everything covered save for outdoor grills and undercounter refrigeration (though I’ve heard rumors about that category becoming a reality).

Alice rocking the electric cooktop with a Thermador oven behind her.

Alice rocking the electric cooktop with a Thermador oven behind her.

One category where they have improved exponentially is in the cooking ranges sector. Remember, Thermador offers 2 series of ranges:
Pro Harmony – 24″ deep
Pro Grand – 27″ deep, self clean, soft close door, etc

Thermador Pro Grand PRG366JG

Thermador Pro Grand PRG366JG

The Pro Harmony ranges still outsell the Pro Grand (PRICE POINT!) but if we’re going to get fractal there is something deeper to explore – what if you were to roll with a Thermador Pro Grand but you had the option of doing either a dual fuel or a gas range? What would the differences be?
Usually the immediate difference between a gas and dual fuel range is the self cleaning option that dual fuel offers. However, Thermador does offer a self clean mode in their gas Pro Grand ranges.
So what are the differences between the dual fuel and gas save for the price
$8699 for the PRD366JGU 36″ duel fuel, six burner
$7299 for the PRG366JG 36″ gas six burner

DIFFERENCES – More Cooking Modes in Dual Fuel
The dual fuel models offer true convection; meaning they have a third, circular heating element wrapped around the convection fan allowing for additional cooking modes not possible in the gas model. These include convection broil, convection roast, and the capability to multi-rack bake in convection bake mode.

The broiler element on the ranges are different as well. The Duel Fuel will offer 4000watt 8-pass broiler whereas the gas range will offer the killer 17000 BTU infrared broiler which is perfect for searing steaks. You’ll also see a slight difference in oven size – the dual fuel is 5.7 and the gas is 5.5.

So where do you lie in this equation?
As I tell all of my customers, if you bake, go dual fuel.
If you roast, get the gas.
if you don’t care, get the gas.
It’s really a question as to whether those additional cooking modes mean something to you.

To see the full line of Thermador appliances visit the Curto’s showroom which offers the largest Thermador display in Westchester County and Manhattan.

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