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Viking Holiday Wrap: New Viking Grills, Tuscany Range and More on the Way

Written by Appliance Dude | December 21st, 2014

As I reported last week, the best selling Viking 30″ range – RVGR3305BSS -is being replaced by a new SKU – RVGR3315BSS. Haven’t received all of the details regarding the change but I’ve been told the biggest difference will be slightly different wiring scheme. Sounds to me like end users won’t see a functional difference. I’ll have more soon.

New Viking 5 series outdoor grills are on the way as well. Again, there were some minor tweaks from the 2014 models, but I should have more info on them hopefully this week. And why may you ask am I talking grills several days before Christmas in a freezing and gloomy Northeast (has anyone seen the sun in the last week?) Because GRILL SEASON IS UPON US! I’ll devote a separate post to the mighty outdoors itself but we are still seeing grills being purchased and we have started to hear from customers who are planning outdoor kitchens for the Spring / early summer. I am excited about the new Viking product as they are refocusing on outdoors after a lost 2014 because of their emphasis on the new indoor product – 7 series ranges, French door ovens, etc. This will be a big Viking grill year, so as promised when the new specs and features comes my way, it’s on here.

Lastly, I’ve been told that the Viking Tuscany range which received so much love at the 2014 KBIS and Architectural Digest shows is about to hit the street, sometime in early 2015. If you are looking for an ornate Euro style range in the vein of Aga, Le Cornue, etc, then take a look at this piece.
Details to follow…

48″ Viking Tuscany Range – Coming Soon

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