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My Capital Range Door Detonates, And Capital is ON IT!

Written by Appliance Dude | February 16th, 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day and the Appliance Dudess has decided to make one of my favorite dishes – Chicken Scarpiello.
The chicken is cooking in the oven of our Capital Dual Fuel Conneusseurian range at 475 when I hear a shriek from the kitchen.
I run upstairs and the entire glass door (inside panel) is shattered. My wife is flipping, and I’m like…”Holy shit”.
I had heard of glass shattering on oven doors when ranges are in self clean mode, but never when cooking. So….here’ s how we turn a negative into a positive…

Yikes! My Capital Dual Fuel's Glass Bites the Dust at 475.

Yikes! My Capital Dual Fuel’s Glass Bites the Dust at 475.

Within 48 hrs Capital had a new oven door on its way out to me (would have been 24 hrs but it was a Sunday)
The diagnosis was that there may have been a hairline crack in the glass or (more likely) the screws were in too tight on the door thus there was no room for expansion from the heat. In hindsight I don’t think we’ve taken the Capital up to 475 before so I’m pretty confident that’s what happened.

So why am I writing about this negative event caused by one of my favorite brands and a valued business partner? Because it’s a lesson for everyone shopping for appliances that NOTHING is bulletproof and that shit can happen no matter how much money you spend. I have spent the last few years waxing poetic about Capital’s construct as being probably the best in the business…particularly the doors. And even after this incident I stand behind that statement.

What’s even more important is their REACTION to the event.
They moved at lightning speed to correct the issue. Do you think that would have happened if you had purchased a range from one of the behemoths? You’d still be bantering back and forth with customer service. You deal with a company like Capital and there aren’t many lines to cut through. There are many appliance manufacturers and a few distributors that could learn something from this. Kudos to Capital. I am happy and confident in selling your products
and you the consumer should be confident in placing them in your home.

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  1. Kali says:

    Thank you. My Capital just did the exact same thing last night. Same model same temp. My husband was so upset given the money we spent on the oven. I hope I have the same luck in getting it replaced as you did

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