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Bertazzoni Speed Oven / Cooktop Review…From a Scarsdale Mom

Written by Appliance Dude | February 17th, 2015

Considering a Bertazzoni oven or cooktop for your kitchen? Why bother listening to an appliance salesperson or anonymous reviews on forums (who probably work for the competition!)

I sold this lovely couple from Scarsdale a Bertazzoni package last fall and suffice to say the wife has been kicking the tires and then some. She wrote me this beautiful email stating her love for the product. It’s nice to receive notes like this when so many people are only motivated to write when things are negative.

Any questions on Bertazzoni products, just ping me or visit our showroom which hosts the largest Bertazzoni display in Westchester County and Manhattan.

REVIEW (Appliance Dude comments in bold)
“I totally love the 6 burner cooktop and electric speed oven. All my friends love them as well, even the ones with Wolf and Viking at home. They are a joy to cook and bake with – I literally feel inspired and happy in the kitchen. AD – Who needs psychotropic drugs, just cook with Bertazzoni and bliss will be yours!

“Thanks so much for holding my hand in the process. Maybe you could do a video of yourself and a cook making a dee-lish meal on YouTube?” AD – Working on it!

“On the cooktop I like the power of high burner, the various sizes for different types of cooking, the ease of cleaning, the beautiful design.” AD – It’s definitely a looker. Their product may be the nicest designed in the appliance business

Bertazzoni 36" Gas Cooktop at Curto's in Westchester County

Bertazzoni 36″ Gas Cooktop at Curto’s in Westchester County

“The electric oven is so fast on preheat I think around 5 minutes tops, I haven’t timed it. Convection heat is amazing for baking just bakes a perfect crust and moist interior my cakes come out way better than my old gas oven. Also meats are tender. And as far as the negative review on blowing heat, it hasn’t bothered us at all. Not sure about summertime when it will be warmer but I think it’s probably overdone…I can do a followup review later.”AD – Perfect crust, moist interior for cakes…and better than a gas oven? Sign me up!

The speed oven is the top oven in this pic. Rave reviews coming in for it!

The speed oven is the top oven in this pic. Rave reviews coming in for it!

Bertazzoni Speed Oven Interior

Bertazzoni Speed Oven Interior

“Someone did mention it’s easy to accidentally turn on the oven dials, but that’s because it’s not meant to be installed below the cooktop. I have noticed that but it’s not a real reason to buy it and doesn’t happen often. If you install in the wall like it’s intended it would ever happen.”

“Also someone complained about turning knobs on the cooktop, they do take some getting used to but once you do it’s not a big deal at all. You just hold it down on the star icon for a couple seconds before turning it.”

“One selling point for buyers could be that the Bertazzoni has a different style profile than Wolf and Viking. It’s a more streamlined euro look, and personally I think that’s the trend.”

Thank you “A” for the time you spent on this unsolicited review. I was happy to hold your hand through the research/buying process and what makes it better is that you
love the product and are INSPIRED to use it for your family. Ci Vediamo!

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