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Capital Duel Fuel Range Has Landed – Review

Written by Appliance Dude | March 22nd, 2015

A Capital Dual Fuel Range Lands at Curto’s Showroom, and it looks NICE

The eagle has landed…I’m happy to add this 36″ Capital Connosseurian dual fuel range to our extensive display of Capital cooking products.
Last May I brought one of these home. I had heard about its vaunted open burners, the slamming infrared glass broiler, the rotisserie, the moist-assist function in the oven…so I had to kick the tires and see if this was worth the hype. I also wanted to make sure I was cool with it from a performance standpoint so I would be comfortable recommending it to customers. So after using the range this entire winter where many soul-stirring, tummy-warming, love-laden meals were made by the Appliance Dudess, I’m happy to report that it has met the high expectations that were set for it. We sell what we believe in, and in this case, what I use at home!
Here’s our new Connosseurian on display at the showroom. They got the color wrong but I lucked out b/c I think this looks better than the one I ordered!

Shop Capital Ranges at Curtos.com

Capital Connoisseurian 36 Range - Curto's

Capital Connoisseurian 36 Range – Curto’s

capital dual fuel

capital dual fuel 36

capital open burner

capital dual fuel control panel

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