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Review: New DCS BGC36BQARN Grill – Hot as H–L!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 16th, 2015

I’ve owned the new DCS BGC36BQARN for about 3 weeks now and I continue to test it in a variety of ways to see if it’s up to snuff and a true leader in the premium grills category. One thing that I have observed multiple times is that this grill is HOT AS H-LL. When I used to fire up my Wolf OG36 grill, I would put it on high, close the lid and come back to it about 10 minutes and I’d be ready to cook, sear or do whatever. With the DCS, all I have to do is put it on the MED or HIGH setting (forget about SEAR!) and within 5-7 mins this grill is white hot. So much so that I’ve had some problems pulling hamburgers or chicken burgers off the back portion of the grates b/c I can’t stretch my arms over the grates, even at an elevated level. That’s lead to my next grill-related purchase.
After 4 years of grilling with a Weber Summit and the Wolf OG36, I never experienced such heat that I needed to back off the grill (or get gloves). I’m convinced that this is due to the new DCS grill design for 2015 which includes a stainless heat reflector shield built around the base of the burner. This shield will reflect any heat that is moving in a downward direction to be reflected back up towards the grates so as to improve heating efficiency. It’s my belief that this is the most significant addition to the new DCS grills in 2015, surpassing that of the hybrid IR insert burner and the griddle accessory. A hot grill is a great grill and DCS has certainly upped the heat ante with these shields.

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