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Review: DCS 36 Grill Grease Management System – DCS BGC36BQARN

Written by Appliance Dude | June 3rd, 2015

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What sets DCS grills apart from the competition is their patented Grease Management System. The system features channeled grates which are sloped into a trough in the front of the grill. Grease is funneled from the food (and away from the burners) thus limiting the amount of sustained flare ups which are the bane of any griller.

This quick video clearly illustrates the DCS Grease Management system at work. I took an incredibly juicy Kobe beef burger which had flavorful juice seeping from it. My former grill would have lit up like the Bonfire of the Vanities as the juices would have had nowhere to go but on the burners. In this case, watch the DCS pull the grease away.

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