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DCS Grills Get a Facelift for 2015 – Review

Written by Appliance Dude | August 11th, 2015

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Considering that DCS bbq grills really hadn’t changed in 15 years, from time to time I would ask my DCS rep when/if DCS was planning on updating their vaunted outdoor grills.

“Why bother with perfection?” was the answer every time.

Well I guess someone at DCS decided to improve upon perfection b/c things have changed in 2015! And they’re not minor tweaks!

Here’s a breakdown of the major changes you’ll see in the new DCS grills:

1- they’ve removed warning text from the front left side of the manifold and placed it in the drip tray (DCS reason: cleaner look, Appliance Dude’s take: they didn’t want letters rubbing off and fading from the front.

2 – Old burner ignition has been removed, burners are now ignited with a a push and turn of the knobs. DCS reason: we are the only company who does this, makes it similar to an indoor range. Appliance Dude take: Great idea, but Twin Eagle offers this on the Wolf outdoor grill.

3 -Knobs changed – new knobs are recessed into the bezel(looks much nicer), new knob has stainless look, new bezel is larger.

4 – Two new (major accessories) – a Hybrid infrared burner which sports rounder, different grates than the rest of the grill and will get hot as Hades. There is also a new griddle accessory which will slip in on the right side after you remove the grates. More on the hybrid burner below.

5 – The smoker tray now has a cover with holes to slowly release smoke and prevent chips from burning too fast. It’s also welded close so you can add liquid to the tray.

6 – DCS has also added a reflector shield to the firebox which will sit under the burner and reflect wasted heat back up to the grilling surface

My .02 on the more important changes…

One of the reasons DCS has been a favorite grill of mine is that it didn’t need to offer you a dedicated sear zone. As I’ve always stated, DCS takes the Spinal Tap practice of turning their amps up to “11” – in DCS’ case you would turn the knob past “High” and onto the “SEAR” setting and you would be searing your filet mignon or tuna in no-time. But DCS has listened to the public, who, in DCS’ estimation, is begging for a sear area.
As they told me, since every other grill manufacturer has a dedicated, built-in sear option, consumers have felt that it’s mandatory to offer this feature. So DCS followed suit.

The smoker tray is a good idea and what’s even better is that it’s been taken off the top of the grill (which is where Lynx places their tray). Tucking it inside (like Alfresco) frees up room on top of the grill and creates an environment more conducive to smoking.

I haven’t formed an opinion yet on the implementation of the reflector shield. Did DCS feel as if their firebox wasn’t generating enough heat?
There’s only one way to find out and that will be via first hand testing with the infrared gun. I anticipate the delivery of my DCS BGC36 in the next few weeks so I will post the results shortly thereafter.

I really don’t think the DCS grills needed an overhaul, but I certainly didn’t agree with the opinion that it didn’t need to change over 15 years because it was “perfect”. Far from it. Surjit Kalsi created the DCS grill and when he sold the company and eventually formed Capital Range Co, he felt that he took the design of the DCS grill and improved upon it with Capital grill (too bad there’s no distribution in the NY metro area!).

DCS has always offered the best grease management system, the ability to turn the entire grill top into a sear zone with the twist of knob, a durable rotisserie and great accessories that form a complete outdoor kitchen at a better price than Lynx, Alfresco and Viking. But it wasn’t without flaws. These changes have improved DCS’ game and it will be interesting to see how it performs against it’s other high-end competition b/c the manufacturer has also raised the prices quite a bit.

As I always say, I can predict winners or losers in the appliance game but there’s one authority with the real call – let the consumer dictate if this is a winner!

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