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Viking Reintroduces their 30″ Open Burner Range – VGIC53014BSS

Written by Appliance Dude | October 30th, 2015

Once upon a time Viking had the first pro style open burner range for the residential market – the classic VGIC series.
Those iconic ranges are still placed in homes all over the country.

After Middleby’s purchase of Viking 3 years ago, they decided to kill the VGIC line and focus their efforts on the nascent 7 series as well as the 5 series.
I remember telling the “Capo di Tutti Cappi” at Middleby that I thought they should bring the VGIC back. I was seeing tremendous interest being generated in the open burner market. Yes it was a niche market, but consumers that were drawn to this product were very passionate about cooking, about product quality, and they were the type that would jump on the web and share their experiences through blogging and review sites. And, the market was growing. Fast. At Curto’s we were seeing tremendous growth with Capital’s Culinarian line and to a lesser extent BlueStar’s RNB and Platinum series. IMHO it was a no-brainer for Viking to re-engage in this market. My argument was that if they (Viking) had the product designs created already and it was working off of a current product on the line, they would just need to bring it back to the assembly line and market towards the same consumer who was gobbling up the open burner products. Shooting fish in a barrel, right?

Viking has re-entered the 30" open burner range market. Capital and BlueStar...on guard!

Viking has re-entered the 30″ open burner range market. Capital and BlueStar…on guard!

I thought my idea fell on deaf ears but I’m happy to report that Viking is about to re-release the 30″ open burner model as the VGIC53014BSS. Price point is $3999. And, the purchase of this range will qualify consumers for the free dishwasher deal that is running through next May.

The range is very similar to the sealed-burner based 5-series:

  • SureSpark ignition for each burner
  • Simmer setting for all burners
  • 4.0 cu ft convection oven with largest convection fan in the industry
  • Infrared gas broiler

    So from a features standpoint you are getting a battle-tested platform (both in the range chassis and the burner architecture) that has been in the field for years.
    And you are getting this at a price that is $1000 below the normal 5-series 30″ range.

    Then think about the “deal” aspect of it.

    1. You receive a free dishwasher whose value is over $1000
    2. You can combine this range with a Viking 3 Series counter depth fridge + otr micro + free dishwasher and suddenly you have a Viking package with pro range at around a tick above $8000.
    3. Or you can do a Viking pro package with this range + free dishwasher + free hood + built in 36″ refrigerator for a little more than $12k.

    And let’s compare the two other top-selling open burner 30″ ranges:
    Blue Star RNB Series – $4680
    Capital MCOR304 – $4078

    Both of those ranges are more expensive and DO NOT offer a deal like the free dishwasher.

    We will have the VGIC back on the floor in the next few weeks. Come by and take a look!

    The Viking VGIC53014BSS is about to return in all it's open burner glory!

    The Viking VGIC53014BSS is about to return in all it’s open burner glory!

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