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Capital COB304 Dual Fuel Range

Written by Appliance Dude | November 10th, 2015

My Capital COB304 blue flame.

The beautiful blue flame from my Capital COB304.

The beautiful blue flame from my Capital COB304.

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2 Responses

  1. Dennis Burek says:


    Your videos are excellent and provide much information

    I just watched your Part 1 on Capital Dual Fuel and one you did on Wold Dual Ranges.

    I can tell you really like Capital. Who do you give the edge to with regard to quality and incidence of repairs? As you say this is an investment



    • Appliance Dude says:

      Dennis – Wolf has the best customer service in the business. If the shit hits the fan (unlikely) they will have your back and then some. It’s like joining the family of Mercedes Benz owners. And the dual fuel ranges are special, albeit a truckload of $$.
      I own the Capital and love it. Many, many features. If you like open burners then that would be the ticket. Also note that Wolf recently muscled-up and they have a 20K BTU burner now on DF ranges. Nice.

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