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Capital Range Review – The Badass Broiler System – Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | November 20th, 2015

Man, I have a serious back log of videos that I need to start launching. What better way to start than with a focus on the sickest broiler system in the land. If I could equate the Capital broiler (especially the glass infrared) with a rock band it would be ZZ Top (more on ZZ below my video).

Can you dig it?

I tried to make this a 5 min post but there was too much to cover. Enjoy the 9 mins folks and hit me with any questions…and remember we ship Capital NATIONWIDE.

BTW – if anyone questions the “badass-ness” of ZZ Top, or, perhaps have not been exposed to the tres hombres from Texas, please watch them slay the great Robert Johnson’s “Stop Breaking Down Blues” below

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