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Appliance Dude Pre-Thanksgiving – Smoked Turkey on the Memphis Grill

Written by Appliance Dude | November 23rd, 2015

It is official – I am addicted to smoking. I’m not talking about smoking cigarettes or some other foreign substance capable of making you dazed and confused…I’m talking smoking as in the combination of low heat, wood, and a closed chamber where the prior two can merge and infiltrate a great mass of protein, resulting in mouth-watering tastiness.

With Thanksgiving around the corner I’ve had turkey on the mind and I happened to watch a recent episode of “Project Smoke” hosted by none other than BBQ impresario and the man with the best hair in the bbq business, Steve Raichlen. In this episode Steve smoked a whiskey brined turkey on his Memphis Wood Fire Grill, and damn did it look good.

I’ve owned a Memphis Grill for a few months and aside from a 4th of July rib cook, I knew I wasn’t fully tapping into the Memphis Grill’s inherent ability to “cook” ass. I mean, calling it a grill is kind of a disservice. It is a grill, yet so much more as it acts as a smoker as well as a convection oven. And it’s a total piece of a$# to look at and boasts one of the better builds of anything that we sell. Raichlen dubbed it the “Tesla of pellet smokers” and the man is not far off the mark with that description.

So the episode gave me the idea to do a pre-Thanksgiving turkey – I’d buy a smaller bird, follow Raichlen’s lead step by step and rock the Memphis Grill hard.

So here’s what went down:

  • I purchased a natural, fresh turkey from my favorite local butcher.
  • I brined the bird for 24 hours (lesson learned – don’t use Scotch in your brine)
  • I smoked her for 3 hours at 250 degrees and then cooked her at 400 degrees for another 40 mins. This was to achieve a crispy dark skin as there is a tendency to have the skin turn out slightly rubbery if you only smoke it.
  • Results – fantastic.

    Look for a video tomorrow which will discuss this further.

    And here’s Raichlen’s recipe for the smoked turkey.

    My smoked turkey in all it's glazed, golden-brown glory. All hail the Memphis Wood Fire Grill!

    My smoked turkey in all it’s glazed, golden-brown glory. All hail the Memphis Wood Fire Grill!

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