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Holy S&#$, I Sold A 48″ Viking VCSB5483SS Refrigerator…By Itself!

Written by Appliance Dude | January 20th, 2016

(Ed. Note: Please excuse my absence the last few weeks. My family and I have been recovering from colds/ear infections/zombie plague. Thank God for ZPack!)

No I am not about to start slogging on Viking refrigeration. Far from it.
I’m a big fan of their revamped refrigeration line. BIG FAN.

But there’s still a torrent of negativity on the web about Viking fridges dating from the 2000’s.
I’ve been telling people you need to move past those old reviews, which are about an old company, an old owner and an old product. But because of that negativity, I never see folks walking into the showroom and asking to see Viking fridges. I even find it to be a struggle to get them to consider using Viking built-in refrigeration in a FULL VIKING PACKAGE. I kid you not…lately I’ve written numerous sales where Viking cooking is placed along with the free dishwasher…and Sub-Zero refrigeration.

What’s Not to Love About this 48″ Viking Refrigerator?

So I was pretty surprised when a woman called up and after chatting for a bit, decided to plunk down nearly $11k on a Viking 48″ refrigerator.

And that’s all she needed.

No range.
No dishwasher.
No wall oven.
No kitchen renovation.

Just a kick-ass fridge.

So this transaction inspired me to crack open the Chromebook and start talking about the Viking fridges. I’ve been planning an epic video (likely a series) to dispel the fear / contempt surrounding Viking fridges. These are great products which are now manufactured to the highest quality assurance standards and they also offer very cool (NPI) and unique innovations that you won’t find in many other built-fridges.

The public needs to consider Viking refrigeration again. Just as this woman did.

Video series to come…

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