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Kamado Joe Recipe – Spatchcocked Chicken @ Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | May 21st, 2016

One of my favorite dishes to make on my Kamado Joe is spatchcocked (butterflied) chicken.
This delicious dish couldn’t be more straightforward and simple to make.

kamado Joe Spatchcock Chicken

1. Start with a grass fed, preferably organic chicken. I typically use Bell & Evans. They simply taste better than normal fare at supermarkets.

2. I have my chicken spatchcocked at my butcher. It’s an easy technique (just do a YouTube search and you’ll see countless examples of it being performed) but I’d rather have him do the cutting as I don’t have proper shears at my house.

3. Clean the bird thoroughly with cold water then pat dry

4. Hit the bird with seasoning. I’ve been using Pixie Dust as well as a smattering of coarse sea salt and pepper. I’ll also give the bird a good massage with extra virgin olive oil, prior to seasoning with the rub.

5. The kamado is fired up and the bird gets placed ribs down. We want this so the ribs will insulate the breasts from getting overcooked.

6. I cook the bird at around 375 degrees F. When the KJ gets to temp then I’ll toss a wood chunk or two in there. At this point I’ve only used Hickory but will be trying Pecan and Apple soon.

7. Cooking time should be around 1 hr…maybe a little bit longer. Breasts should be 155F, thighs and legs should be 170F.

At this point you should have a bird with a lovely, crunchy tan on her. Let her sit for about 10 mins then it’s time to start cutting into pure succulence!

spatchcocked chicken

Kamado Joe Spatchcock Chicken

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