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DCS Grill Review: Controlled Heat on the BH1-36R-N – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | February 1st, 2017

The DCS 36 Grill BH136RN is Still a Heat Missile, But Now With More Control

A reunion took place the other week as I cooked on a DCS grill for the first time in two years.
Much has changed about the DCS grill in that time.
They’ve cosmetically altered the grill. They’ve added a useless temp gauge for the canopy.
They added heat reflectors to the bottom of the firebox in order to push more heat towards the grate.
The smoker box was integrated to the front of the grill. They offered a hybrid infrared burner (whose purpose I am still questioning) as well as a cool

The last time I cooked on a DCS with any frequency I was amazed at how HOT it was. This was partially due to the heat reflectors under the burners, but also due to the fact that the valves that controlled the temp sweep were pretty steadfast in maintaining that blistering high heat. Even if you brought the temp down with the knob to a LOW setting, you were still getting some serious heat.

That’s all changed as DCS swapped out the valves behind the knob and has tweaked so you get much better lows…45% better actually WITHOUT sacrificing the infernal heat when you crank it to HIGH or SEAR.

Check out the details below and remember, we ship DCS grills and outdoor kitchens nationwide, so call us for details.

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