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Outdoor Icemakers: Why Perlick is the Best – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | March 8th, 2017

Outdoor icemakers are gaining in popularity and Perlick is perched at the top

Whenever I have a question on outdoor product, I call this guy who I call “the Encyclopedia”. I would be hard-pressed to think there is another human being who has more knowledge on outdoor product than him.

SO when I asked him who makes the best outdoor icemaker, the answer was immediate and decisive.

“Perlick. And I don’t even sell them”.

For a sales rep to say that a direct competitor was not only a better product, but the BEST product, that speaks volumes.

By nature, icemakers are troublesome creatures. They have a lot of moving parts. They are noisy. They are doing something that is incredibly taxing on a machine made by man. So with all of these things working against icemakers, my advice would be as follows:

Buy a Perlick. Because they are the best.

Perlick has one icemaker (make that two if you want to add the ADA compliant model) – the H50IMS

In 24 hours it creates up to 55 lbs.
It has storage capacity of 22 lbs.
The ice is clear, top hat. This is important because people take the shape of their ice seriously!
Perlick likes to call their top hat shaped ice the “perfect ice”. It prevents clumping, is tasteless and odorless and will maintain its shape longer than crescent ice, so your expensive ice won’t water dowm

The shape of your ice has something to say about its ability to hold form and not melt in your Hendricks and tonic. If it melts quickly, your cocktail takes on more water and then said drink is ruined.

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