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2017 Viking 5 Series Range Review

Written by Appliance Dude | June 29th, 2017

Review: Viking’s 5 Series Gas Range is Getting New Love

Does the Viking 5 series range now offer great value in the high end range market? Hell yes.

After Middleby purchased Viking Range in late 2012 (literally on New Year’s Eve) one of Middleby’s first moves was to start incorporating technologies and features from their commercial portfolio into the Viking residential line. The first move was realized a year later when Middleby debuted the Viking 7 Series gas range at the 2014 KBIS show, proudly showing off the equivalent of a Tesla for your kitchen. Replete with volcano burners, chrome griddles and high powered infrared broilers, the 7-series not only gave Viking a stove that could run with the BTU-blasting open burner ranges from Capital and BlueStar, it did something else – overshadow the venerable Viking 5 series range that has been Viking’s hallmark product for years. I recall speaking with a Viking executive around that time and there even seemed to be doubt whether the 5 series would even have a future with Viking betting so heavily on the souped up 7 and their intro 3 series.

Viking gas range - Curtos.com

Viking 5 Series Gas Range

2017 – Return of the Viking 5 Series Range

Somewhere along the line, someone at Viking decided to give the 5 series some love and start backing it again. That was one of the smartest decisions they’ve made in years.
The reason being that the Viking 7 Series, in all it’s searing, baking and broiling beauty is simply too expensive for many home cooks, particularly if you move to the dual fuel product with the electric oven and self clean feature. So with the thought of goosing sales of the 5 series, Viking considerably lowered the prices of the 5 series product early in 2017, with some products seeing drops of over $500+. This, combined with Viking’s new “10 after 10” promotion (when used in a Viking kitchen package) would drop the price of the 5 series lower than Wolf, its main USA-made high end range competitor. This was a dramatic turn bc prior to 2017, the Viking product was always more expensive than Wolf, Thermador and Monogram, as Middleby had implemented annual prices increases each year while some competitors (Thermador) hadn’t raised prices in several years.

Incredible Value of the Viking 5 Series Gas Range
Dare I say that a Viking range is actually a value play now? I think it is.
Their dual fuel 48″ range is now $1000 less than the comparable Wolf. Then with the 10 after 10, that creates even more of a price difference. The 30″ VGCC304BSS gas range is several hundred less than the Wolf GR304
And what’s not to love about the features?

The dual fuel 5 series gas ranges offer a glass infrared broiler, 2 sliding extension racks, 18,500 BTU burners and a porcelain cooking surface that contains spills. You also get a full 2-year in-home warranty. The gas range offers identical features save for a different broiler which is gas infrared.

For more information on the Viking 5 series ranges visit Curto’s in Westchester County or call us at 1-800-966-2878

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