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42″ Refrigerators: KitchenAid vs Jenn-Air – Review

Written by Appliance Dude | August 7th, 2017

Is a Kitchen Aid built in 42 french door refrigerator the same as a Jenn-Air 42?

The answer is a resounding no.

The 42″ french door refrigerator market is not well populated.
You have Subzero whose product is over $11,000.

Then you have KitchenAid and Jenn-Air 42″ french door models.

An uninformed appliance store will tell you that the Jenn-Air and the KitchenAid are essentially the same fridges. They are both part of the Whirlpool family. Both are assembled in the US.
Both have similar capacity. So they’re the same, right? Nope.

The biggest difference between the JennAir and the KitchenAid is that the JennAir JF36NXFXDE and the JF42NXFXDE can both be used in a FLUSH INSTALLATION. This is incredibly important as the flush look is now extremely popular in kitchens as it provides a lighter, more seamless and cleaner look. The Jennair also offer a new texture for the inside of the fridge – the black obsidian interior has resonated with both the design community as well as homeowners. When you see the Jenn-Air-JF36NXFXDE 42″ fridge illuminated by the ramp up LED lighting, you will be impressed.

Jenn-Air fridge

Obsidian interior of Jenn-Air refrigerator

The Jenn-Air will also give you a 2 year manufacturer’s full warranty. You’ll also gain access to their concierge service which is worth the price difference from the KitchenAid.
(*It’s a pleasure having someone pick up the phone for customer service after only a few rings).

The Jenn-Air offers filtration of both ice and water

The Jenn-Air offers a Max Ice option to speed up ice production

The Jenn-Air has a variable speed compressor which is more energy efficient

And while cubic capacity is the same, the dimensions of the fridges are slightly different with the Jenn-Air being 41.75″ wide and the KitchenAid is 42.25″
The Jenn-air is 24.75″ deep, the Kitchenaid is 25.13″.

JennAir width
41.75 inch(es) / 106.05 cm

KTA width
42.25 inch(es) / 107.32 cm

JennAir Height
84 inch(es) / 213.36 cm

KTA Height
83.37 inch(es) / 211.77 cm

JennAir Depth
24.75 inch(es) / 62.87 cm

KTA Depth
25.13 inch(es) / 63.82 cm

Jenn-Air will also give you different handle options while the KitchenAid handles are the tubular ones with the red cap that is seen throughout the entire KitchenAid line of appliances.

JennAir 42 French Door – Curtos.com

And for your viewing pleasure especially if you enjoy soft piano music while researching refrigerators:

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