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Washer Broke? 3 Reasons to Buy a Speed Queen Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | August 23rd, 2017

In this Speed Queen washer review, we’ll explain why a Speed Queen washer is a fantastic choice to bring home

I can tell the look from a mile away. The customer will come into the showroom, no smile, eyes slightly glazed, with a harried, preoccupied countenance. They are definitely not visiting the Curto’s showroom for a new bbq grill.

“How can I help you?” I ask…

“My washing machine broke,” the customer says. “I have 3 days of wash growing in my basement. Help”.

We see this all the time. And when a customer is coming off a bad experience with their machine, whether it was consistent service calls/money spent out of warranty, or just a simple dissatisfaction with the machine, we know what to suggest.

A Speed Queen top load washer.

Spped Queen Washer Review

Speed Queen washer review

Unless you have a family of 10 or need to stack your laundry, the top loading Speed Queen washer AWN432 is the way to go. Speed Queen has produced washing machines for over 100 years and their reputation for producing best in class washers continues to grow.

Here are the three main reasons why we recommend a Speed Queen washer over other top loading washers:

1 – Speed Queen washers are born from a commercial heritage. If you go to a laundromat or any institution with large-scale laundry needs like a hospital, they are usually outfitted with Speed Queen laundry. Speed Queen has taken the platform they use for commercial application and uses parts of it for their residential products. For instance, most residential washing machines are made with a large amount of plastic. This is done to keep costs down, but will also fail quicker so the homeowner will need to purchase new machines sooner. Speed Queen washers use far more steel which will last longer, and Speed Queen tests their machines to the point of failure so they are made to hold up for close to 25 years.

2 – Speed Queen washers offer the best warranty in the business. While most other laundry manufacturers offer a standard 1-year warranty, Speed Queen offers a 3-year warranty on their knob machines like the AWN432, and an amazing 5-year warranty on the electronic control washers. Talk about having confidence in your product.

3 – Speed Queen washers wash better. Most of the Speed Queen story is in their warranty and their commercial heritage, but how do they clean?
Speed queen washers use a 210 degree agitator that strokes 68x per minute. This action ensures that the clothes and water are being moved through one another in a gentle, cleansing action.

If you want more information on Speed Queen washers and dryers, please call or visit the Curto’s showroom at 1966 Central Park Ave – Yonkers NY 10710. We will ship Speed Queen washers nationally. usually with free shipping!

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