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New Alfresco Grill Pics : Reviews/Ratings

Written by Appliance Dude | April 24th, 2015

7/30/15 – Editor’s note: The new Alfresco ALXE grills have just been released. For more information on them please visit the new Curto’s Alfresco blog at curtos.com

Feast your eyes on some new Alfresco grill outdoor kitchen pics. The pictures probably do a better job explaining all of the possibilities with the Alfresco line of grills (which can be dizzying once you start poring though their catalog). As I’ve stated to many folks walking through the showroom doors, if you are a serious griller (or aspire to be), especially one who envisions using their grill year round, Alfresco is the way to go because of the safety features and protection it provides for the wiring and igniters (which are always the problematic parts on grills).
Enjoy and if you want to see the Alfresco built-in grill with its various accoutrements come visit the Curto’s showroom in Westchester County NY.

Alfresco's new ALXE series grill

Alfresco’s new ALXE series grill

Alfresco grill with Steamer/Fryer Insert

Alfresco grill with Steamer/Fryer Insert

Alfresco Grill Herb Smoker

The Alfresco Grill Works!

The Alfresco Grill Works!

Review: Why Alfresco Makes the Best Grill – Reason #1

Written by Appliance Dude | April 15th, 2015

The Appliance Dude expresses much love for ALfresco grills and for reasons that are not so obvious. Let the review roll

Let me count the ways that I love Alfresco grills…too numerous to mention so we’re going to break this down into multiple blog posts.
I’m not going to focus on BTU output, searing zone widths or the vast array of accoutrements that the company offers. Boring. Let’s get SOMEWHAT under the hood but focus on more practical reasons, like…

1. Safety
When was the last time a salesperson or a grill company (in their marketing literature) expressed safety features offered by their grills? It seems like the narrative is always about BTU output in the burners, what alloy the burner is made of, how nicely they can sear the thickest of steaks and whether there are backlights behind the knobs.

Let’s change the narrative and talk safety.

First, Alfresco has created a unique smoker box that has a solid stainless buffer built into the front of it. That means small prying hands, who may pull it out won’t be able to access the hot materials that may be already be inside the box. ALfresco also doesn’t have holes on the bottom of the smoker box (unlike some other premium grill manufacturers) so hot residue can’t fall out and tumble onto your wood deck.

Alfresco smoker tray with built-in buffer

Alfresco smoker tray with built-in buffer

Second, the ignition button is tucked away on the top left side of the manifold (control panel). Once again this means that small prying hands won’t be able to gain easy access to it. This is a far cry from some other brands where the ignition button is placed in a spot that begs to be pressed!

Alfresco's grills have tucked their ignition buttons in safe place from small hands!

Alfresco’s grills have tucked their ignition buttons in safe place from small hands!

Third, Alfresco is known for its vented cooling system that runs on both sides of the front of their grills. While this has been explained as a convention to keep the back of the control panel cool so as not to fry the igniters and wiring inside, an added benefit is that it keeps the front control panel and knobs at the outside ambient temp so you won’t have to worry about small children (or your griller!) getting burned by brushing up against the front of the grill or touching the knobs. Remember that directly behind the manifold is the firebox which could be running at temperatures over 1000 degrees F. Hot!

Alfresco's grill side vents allow the manifold to remain at ambient outdoor temperature avoiding risk for a nasty burn.

Alfresco’s grill side vents allow the manifold to remain at ambient outdoor temperature avoiding risk for a nasty burn.

More to come….

Alfresco Grill – Pizza Oven – 2015 Review Intro

Written by Appliance Dude | March 10th, 2015

The Appliance Dude Starts His Review of Alfresco Grills and Pizza Ovens

Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus - Westhester County

We’ve finally hit 50 degrees here in NY for a few days running…the snow is melting, daylight savings has kicked in, the crocus are starting to peek through the soil…all I need to do is catch my first sight of a Robin and I’ll be fully afflicted with Spring Fever!

And with the onset of Spring we welcome outdoor grill season here at Curto’s (which has actually become a year-round thing for us). We’re starting to get phone calls about Weber’s, DCS, etc…

From a product standpoint what I am most excited about this season is our commitment to the Alfresco outdoor culinary system line. Huh? Let’s avoid the marketing gobbledy gook and call it as it is – Alfresco makes absolutely kick-ass outdoor grills and their gas-fired pizza oven has received rave reviews from customers.

I wasn’t sold on Alfresco for the last few seasons as they were being distributed by Viking, who, aside from having their own set of internal issues, couldn’t seem to decide whether to promote Alfresco or their own lineup of Viking outdoor product. So the end result was that we sold a bunch of DCS grills!

However Alfresco is now being distributed by the pros at Almo Premium Appliances and they took the time to sit down with the Appliance Dude and some of my grill dudes and walk us through why this grill system is simply better than the competition. And you know what? I buy it..so much so that I’m sending a 42″ over to my parent’s for this summer, which is the site of most of my family’s grilling shindigs.

I’ll spend some time in a future post talking details about the Alfresco grill and Pizza Plus oven system. For now, feast your eyes on some desperately needed photos that us folks in the Northeast can savor as we wait to ignite our grills for the first time. The snow is melting folks, the time is nigh!

Alfresco 42" Grill - Outdoor Kitchen Westchester County

Alfresco Grill Herb Smoker

Shop for Alfresco Grills and the Pizza Oven Plus at Curtos.com

First Pics of New Alfresco Grills

Written by Appliance Dude | March 3rd, 2015

IMHO Alfresco makes the best outdoor grill. Yes, even better than that one that costs 15K and starts with the letter “K”.
I didn’t always hold this opinion and I will reveal how I changed my mind about it in an upcoming video post.
For now, let us start the feast of outdoor grills (yes denizens of the Northeast, believe it or not the grilling season is approaching!) with a shot of the new Alfresco grill with its oh so sexy stainless knobs.

New Alfresco 42" grill showing stainless knobs. Available at Curto's

New Alfresco 42″ grill showing stainless knobs. Available at Curto’s

Alfresco Grill Review – 13 Reasons You Need an Alfresco Grill in Your Life

Written by Appliance Dude | January 5th, 2015

UPDATE: Check out the new 2016 Alfresco ALXE grill interactive guide

Check out 5 Reasons Why the Alfresco Solid Fuel Insert Kicks Ass

Shop for Alfresco Grills and Pizza Ovens at Curto’s

Here in the Northeast we are freezing our collective asses off on this fine 5th day of January, but it’s never too early to talk outdoor grills! The season is upon us (especially for those planning full-on outdoor kitchens) so let’s talk about one of my favorites. Alfresco.

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Somewhere Warmer Than New York in January

Alfresco is an “outdoor culinary systems” company. Huh?
That’s kind of like Sub-Zero being a “food preservation” company.

Marketing jargon aside, Alfresco has killer product that allows you to cook whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Translation – they make $&&# grills. And they make damn good ones.

Actually when you tally the feature set against the competition (DCS, Viking, Capital, Twin Eagle, Lynx, Kalamazoo) they may actually make the best grill on the market. I’m going to run through 13, yes 13 exclusive features that they are bringing to market. Check this out:

1 – they’ve measured their surface temp to get as hot as 850-900 degrees which is hotter than anything on the market

2 – their burners are an eclectic blend of 18-SR stainless steel (the BEST stainless on the market when dealing with high temperatures) and titanium. Why titanium? It’s a non-corrosive material that also isn’t affected by high heat.

3 – built in / hidden 120lb torque rotisserie motor with a chain driven system (best and most durable)

4 – the rotisserie spit stores up under front of grill. I’ve been trying to find a place to store my Wolf rotisserie spit for 3 years now.

5 – smoker and herb infusion system (drawer) with a dedicated 5000 btu burner

6 – ever find the front of your current grill gets too hot? Alfresco built a natural air-draft cooling curtain in the front control panel to keep things at ambient air temp – translation – you won’t burn your hands, your privates or fry the control panel due to excessive heat.

7 – Key Safety Point – electrical wires are encapsulated in 600 degree heat resistant silicone sleeve. Why is this important? My Wolf grill caught fire last year b/c of an issue with the non-insulated wires. This is a cool feature simply due to the SAFETY factor.

8 – More silicone fun – they have silicone boots over the ignition connectors – important because the Number 1 thing that goes wrong with grills are…the igniters

9 – no transformer required – since 115v plug and you are PLAYING

10 – largest array of add ons – steamer/fryer/pasta cooker, indirect heat roast and baking pod, cocktail stations, sinks, kegerators, refrigerators, commercial woks, teppanyaki griddles, under grill refrigerator…and more

and coming in 1Q 2015…

11 – log and charcoal broiling insert (YES! that means that you no longer have to pay $15,000 for a gas powered grill that allows you to cook with wood)

12 – new knobs that are backlit

13 – torsion based system built into hood for easy lifting and closing

Alfresco 42″ Grill for Sale – Outdoor Kitchen Fire Sale!

Written by Appliance Dude | July 5th, 2014

Anyone interested in a 42″ built-in Alfresco grill set up for Natural gas?

This grill normally sells for $5299.

I’m going to lose this one for much, much less.

Also have an Alfresco 28″ outdoor fridge and 36″ double access doors to outfit your outdoor kitchen

Alfresco 42″ Grill – Steal this from us!

Call or email soon folks, this won’t last. Alfresco may make the best grill in the business.