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Thermador Fridge / Capital 48″ Gas Range – Westchester County NY

Written by Appliance Dude | December 29th, 2015

Just received some beautiful pics of a Bronxville NY kitchen featuring a 48″ Capital Gas range, 48″ Thermador Freedom Column Refrigeration and an ASKO dishwasher.
The appliances look sweet but check out the kitchen design courtesy of Donna at Westchester Kitchen and Bath in Yonkers. Amazing!

Capital 48" Range in Westchester County

This is a beautiful kitchen in Bronxville NY featuring a Capital self cleaning 48″ gas range and a Faber hood above it. Design by Westchester Kitchen and Bath.

Capital 48" Range, Curto's Appliances, Faber Hood,

Capital 48″ range in Bronxville NY.

Thermador refrigerator columns and an ASKO dishwasher in Bronxville NY. Kitchen design by Westchester Kitchen and Bath.

Thermador refrigerator columns and an ASKO dishwasher in Bronxville NY. Kitchen design by Westchester Kitchen and Bath.

How Do You Load Your Dishwasher?

Written by Appliance Dude | July 2nd, 2015

I never realized that loading a dishwasher could be the source of such angst in the American home. Thank goodness I own an ASKO dishwasher which has the largest loading capacity in their XXL tall tub models.

Check out the video from WSJ.com and ask yourself whether you are a protector, an organizer or a curator?!

ASKO Dishwasher Tip – The Stuck Top Rack – ASKO Review

Written by Appliance Dude | February 12th, 2015

When I brought my ASKO D5628XXLS home last week I noticed that the top rack was extremely stiff and somewhat unforgiving when I attempted to pull it out to load dishes. I also noticed the same situation in another ASKO that we have on display in our showroom. Hmmm..faulty racks? Bad tracks?


I spoke to a guy who knows more about ASKO dishwashers than almost any human in NY.
He explained it like this to me….

One of the reasons ASKO’s clean so well is that they have multiple spray arms throughout the dishwasher that are directly fed high pressure water. If you notice the below picture there is a black ring around the end of the pipe which feeds water into the spray arms directly under the top rack in the D5628XXLS dishwasher.

ASKO D5628XXLS DIshwasher - Curto's

That pipe and the orifice in the spray arm need to make a tight seal so there is good pressure and no water leaking out from it. The black ring helps with the seal but the flipside is that it sometimes it takes a little muscle to get the top rack to roll out smoothly.

The pipe running from the back of the dishwasher is now engaged with the spray arm. This seal can make the top rack a little stiff when trying to pull it out.

The pipe running from the back of the dishwasher is now engaged with the spray arm. This seal can make the top rack a little stiff when trying to pull it out.

Solution – take some vaseline (or chapstick) and rub it around the black ring and the end of the pipe.
I’ve been told that it will completely alleviate the tightness of the rack.


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Great ASKO Dishwasher Review Video

Written by Appliance Dude | February 9th, 2015

I love it when I see great appliance videos out there on the web…this is an example of one of them. This ASKO trainer does a great job breaking down the correct ways to load their dishwashers. This is key b/c one of the key reasons dishes/silverware don’t come out clean is because they’ve been loaded improperly.
Watch this guy, he’s a master!

Reviews: First Take on ASKO D5628XXLS Dishwasher

Written by Appliance Dude | February 7th, 2015

The Appliance Dude Took Home an ASKO D5628XXLS Dishwasher. Let’s Get the First Take

So I decded to take the ASKO D5628XXLS dishwasher home (and I paid for it!) as I liked the sleek lines, no handle design and the fact that it had the Turbo Dry feature at a relatively lower price point than some of its ASKO siblings.

The ASKO D5628XXLS dishwasher

The ASKO D5628XXLS dishwasher

Right out of the box I noticed a significant difference between it and our former dishwasher, a Bosch 500 series from about 5 years ago – not as much plastic, far more steel. That’s one of ASKO’s calling cards as it makes the machine stronger and less prone to annoying smells that can accrue on plastic.

I loved the digital control panel and the design is great – no push buttons so no chance of any steam getting behind them and fouling things up with water exposure. The ASKO control panel is akin to a smart phone where its encased behind a sealed front.

The control panel on the ASKO D5628XXLS dishwasher is similar to a smart phone.

The control panel on the ASKO D5628XXLS dishwasher is similar to a smart phone.

However all was not well – after installation there were 2 issues. First, after we ran a test wash there was a nasty burnt rubber smell emanating from the dw. Made sure nothing was wrong with the electric (you need a plug for ASKO’s, you cannot hardwire them in) and then I called ASKO’s customer care line and they told me that a new machine should not give off an odor like that. Installer returned and we kept running the machine for about 30 mins and the smell dissipated. I’m going to chalk it up to new DW smell – maybe the scalding hot water mingling with the steel and plastic inside created the scent. In any case it never returned. The other problem, which actually is a problem, is that the top rack was too tight and not rolling out smoothly. My wife didn’t let this pass without comment so I called ASKO service and they are sending out new slide racks.

Aside from those 2 glitches the dw has been a marvel. The first load I ran I used the Turbo Dry (it added about 10 mins to the cycle) and lo and behold the dishes (and inside of the tub) were bone dry and SPOTLESS (those were my wife’s 2 biggest issues with our older Bosch – everything was coming out wet and the cleaning was sub-par). It was amazing to look at glasses that were literally spotless and know that all we put in the machine was one little rinse tablet.

Another point worth noting is that of the noise. The D5628XXLS is rated at 46DBA. Our old Bosch was 45. However this dishwasher is quieter – I found the noise that the Bosch made to be very mechanical in nature. You’d hear a low grind, a motor whirring, it sounded like an appliance. The ASKO has more of an organic sound – alot of sloshing water which is quite relaxing! As I sat in my kitchen with the dishwasher running in the background I found the noise to be almost zen-like…think of the serene sounds of water trickling over rocks. So while the noise itself may rate higher on the decibel meter, the SOUND is more appealing.

Loading capacity is great. As ASKO touts in their marketing, due to the solid nature of the tub and racks, they can separate their tines further so you can fit more in. Haven’t put any tall plates in so haven’t gotten a feel for the additional height yet.

So one week in we are both happy with the D5628XXLS, save for the stubborn top rack.
I will continue updating as I start to play around with more cycles.

Visit the Curto’s showroom for the largest and most diverse display of ASKO products in Westchester County and NYC.

ASKO Dishwasher Video Guide, Part 1 – Reviews

Written by Appliance Dude | February 2nd, 2015

Here we have the first part of the ASKO dishwasher video guide.
This is the primer. The second layer of paint will deal with more granular content as we dive into features and functions of these wonderful machines. When finished this will be the definitive guide to ASKO dishwashers on the web….believe it!

Editors Note: Why am I talking about ASKO dishwashers in the Viking area? The lighting folks!

Buy ASKO dishwashers at Curtos.com

Best Dishwasher? Could it be an ASKO?

Written by Appliance Dude | February 1st, 2015

The good folks at ASKO doing their thing.

No truth to the rumour that these are the same guys building ASKO dishwashers in 2015.

You’ll be seeing alot of ASKO dishwasher content here over the next month.
I’ve installed one in my home and now I can understand why so many of our customers who have purchased ASKO dishwashers always remain in the ASKO family when they need another dishwasher.
I’ve owned my ASKO for a few days now and I am amazed at the cleaning action, drying ability, relative quietness…and I didn’t even bring home the top end model (see pic below).
Strap yourself in, great ASKO content on the way!

ASKO dishwasher racks

ASKO dishwasher racks


Asko Dishwashers Clean Better- Review

Written by Appliance Dude | January 29th, 2015

I just bought an Asko dishwasher
and as expected the thing completely rocks. The design, the cleaning action…actually let me freeze things right there. Check out the animation below and you will be witness to the LeBron of
dishwashers. No one cleans better and the proof is in the animation. Look at all those spray arms and jets doing their thing. Look for lots more ASKO coverage as I continue to play with this thing.

Asko Dishwashers: Gather Round and Let’s Learn

Written by Appliance Dude | October 17th, 2012

The more I learn about Asko dishwashers, the more I feel a compelling urge to drop an info bomb on your screen. I dig ’em.
Gather round and let’s get schooled on a broad level, then I’ll return with some other vids that will be model-focused.

NYC Kitchen Appliances: Elena’s Wolf, ASKO, SubZero Kitchen

Written by Appliance Dude | June 15th, 2012

The scene is a tony Upper East Side apartment. An elevator opens up to a loft space.
White walls. High ceilings. Open floor plan. What are we doing with the kitchen?
Elena designed the kitchen and cabinets herself. Appliance-wise she rolled with an ASKO stainless integrated dishwasher (she was the owner of an ASKO dw at her prior residence and swore by it, which is the typical sentiment from ASKO owners), Wolf 30″ dual fuel range DF304, and a SubZero Bi36 framed refrigerator. She also has Bosch Axxis 24″ laundry tucked away and stacked in a closet.
Beautiful design here Elena.

NYC Kitchen Appliance - Curto's Appliances

Elean’s Upper East Side Kitchen. Wolf DF304 range, SubZero 36″ Framed refrigerator, ASKO integrated dishwasher.