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Memphis Pellet Grill and Alfresco ALXE Grill Outdoor Kitchen – Larchmont NY

Written by Appliance Dude | June 2nd, 2016

Take a look at this outdoor kitchen we just worked on in Larchmont NY.
What this photo says to me is “THIS IS A PLACE WHERE YOU WILL EAT WELL”.

The owner took a very unique angle to the design of the kitchen. He knew he had a straight 9 ft run which doesn’t add up to much product after factoring in the necessary space between products. So what to do?

Instead of running with power burners and side burners and Versa power cookers etc, he took a simple approach.
He wanted the convenience of a gas grill as well as the ability to smoke with a natural fuel source like wood.
The solution: an Alfresco 42″ ALXE gas grill for all of the ease that a gas grill brings and a built-in Memphis Pro Wood-Fired Pellet grill for all of his smoking
and wood-fired grilling needs. After splurging on the grills he opted to keep costs down by using Blaze undercounter doors and drawers as well as their 5.2 cu ft refrigerator. This created a considerable savings as opposed to using all Alfresco for the undercounter portion (the Alfresco refrigerator is $3600 which was more than all of the Blaze components).

All in all, a well though-out design and a sanctuary where many fine meals will be created!

Alfresco ALXE42SZ Memphis Pellet Grill Outdoor Kitchen - Westchester NY

Blaze 32″ Charcoal Grill – Now Available at Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | May 4th, 2016

The Blaze sales inferno continue to rage. It’s incendiary.

New products are now rolling out. Check out the Blaze 32″ Charcoal grill.

Not into the listless and tasteless aspects of gas powered grills?

THen run with a Blaze charcoal.

Here’s what I like:

1 – the build. Blaze grills are built better than most stainless grills out there. I’d even argue that the Blaze stainless cart (made in the USA) are nicer than the cart produced by one of the top premium grill lines who I will leave unnamed!

2 – the ability to cook with wood or charcoal – I hate grilling with gas. Even on my Alfresco I use the solid fuel insert more than I use the normal grates with gas.
I just love the taste and smell of lump hardwood charcoal and/or wood. Huge difference.

3 – easy cleanup with the pull out ash tray. Tell me, how easy is it to clean up your Big Green Egg?

4 – Great price – $1499 for the charcoal head for built-in applications.

Blaze Charcoal Grill 32