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Washer Broke? 3 Reasons to Buy a Speed Queen Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | August 23rd, 2017

In this Speed Queen washer review, we’ll explain why a Speed Queen washer is a fantastic choice to bring home

I can tell the look from a mile away. The customer will come into the showroom, no smile, eyes slightly glazed, with a harried, preoccupied countenance. They are definitely not visiting the Curto’s showroom for a new bbq grill.

“How can I help you?” I ask…

“My washing machine broke,” the customer says. “I have 3 days of wash growing in my basement. Help”.

We see this all the time. And when a customer is coming off a bad experience with their machine, whether it was consistent service calls/money spent out of warranty, or just a simple dissatisfaction with the machine, we know what to suggest.

A Speed Queen top load washer.

Spped Queen Washer Review

Speed Queen washer review

Unless you have a family of 10 or need to stack your laundry, the top loading Speed Queen washer AWN432 is the way to go. Speed Queen has produced washing machines for over 100 years and their reputation for producing best in class washers continues to grow.

Here are the three main reasons why we recommend a Speed Queen washer over other top loading washers:

1 – Speed Queen washers are born from a commercial heritage. If you go to a laundromat or any institution with large-scale laundry needs like a hospital, they are usually outfitted with Speed Queen laundry. Speed Queen has taken the platform they use for commercial application and uses parts of it for their residential products. For instance, most residential washing machines are made with a large amount of plastic. This is done to keep costs down, but will also fail quicker so the homeowner will need to purchase new machines sooner. Speed Queen washers use far more steel which will last longer, and Speed Queen tests their machines to the point of failure so they are made to hold up for close to 25 years.

2 – Speed Queen washers offer the best warranty in the business. While most other laundry manufacturers offer a standard 1-year warranty, Speed Queen offers a 3-year warranty on their knob machines like the AWN432, and an amazing 5-year warranty on the electronic control washers. Talk about having confidence in your product.

3 – Speed Queen washers wash better. Most of the Speed Queen story is in their warranty and their commercial heritage, but how do they clean?
Speed queen washers use a 210 degree agitator that strokes 68x per minute. This action ensures that the clothes and water are being moved through one another in a gentle, cleansing action.

If you want more information on Speed Queen washers and dryers, please call or visit the Curto’s showroom at 1966 Central Park Ave – Yonkers NY 10710. We will ship Speed Queen washers nationally. usually with free shipping!


Written by Appliance Dude | December 26th, 2016

If you are considering a Capital range, wall oven, range top, cooktop…now is the time to act.
Its been rumored, hinted, whispered, debated…and now it’s finally coming into fruition. A price increase. And its a HEFTY one on certain models.
This is the first time in years that we have seen an increase from Capital and aside from higher $’s, they are also going to focus on a narrower bandwidth
of models. So are you interested in a 60″ range? Its not a stocked piece any longer…will have to be built from ground up so we are looking at weeks if not a few mos till available. Add on to that if you want a color.
If you would like to order a Capital range please call us at 1-800-966-2878 or visit the showroom in Westchester Count until Sat Dec 31 at noon. At that point ordering for current pricing will be CLOSED!

Review: Capital Dual Fuel Range Video Part 2 – Searing a Steak!

Written by Appliance Dude | February 24th, 2016

Wanted to sear a ribeye but with the frigid weather here in NY I couldn’t use one of my outdoor grills. Solution: Hit the Capital COB304 30″ dual fuel range.
This cook was truly in the spirit of teamwork. I combined the hot open burners to get a great sear on the 2.5″ thick ribeye (from Mini’s Prime Meats in Bronxville NY) and then finished off with the nasty hot glass broiler in the oven. Fantastic results, watch the vid.
And if you are interested in shopping for Capital ranges please visit our showroom, call us (800-966-2878) or go to curtos.com!

Thermador Fridge / Capital 48″ Gas Range – Westchester County NY

Written by Appliance Dude | December 29th, 2015

Just received some beautiful pics of a Bronxville NY kitchen featuring a 48″ Capital Gas range, 48″ Thermador Freedom Column Refrigeration and an ASKO dishwasher.
The appliances look sweet but check out the kitchen design courtesy of Donna at Westchester Kitchen and Bath in Yonkers. Amazing!

Capital 48" Range in Westchester County

This is a beautiful kitchen in Bronxville NY featuring a Capital self cleaning 48″ gas range and a Faber hood above it. Design by Westchester Kitchen and Bath.

Capital 48" Range, Curto's Appliances, Faber Hood,

Capital 48″ range in Bronxville NY.

Thermador refrigerator columns and an ASKO dishwasher in Bronxville NY. Kitchen design by Westchester Kitchen and Bath.

Thermador refrigerator columns and an ASKO dishwasher in Bronxville NY. Kitchen design by Westchester Kitchen and Bath.

Raleigh’s Review: Blue Star Platinum Range vs Capital

Written by Appliance Dude | December 5th, 2015

I am happy to present Raleigh’s second review of his BlueStar Platinum range which he purchased about nine months ago. He wrote an initial BlueStar Platinum range review after using it for a few weeks, but now with nearly a year under his belt, he felt it was time to share more information on his BlueStar Platinum range. I want to give a big thanks to Raleigh for taking the time to write these incredibly detailed and articulate reviews. Keep on rolling Raleigh!

BlueStar 36" range

Raleigh’s BlueStar Platinum 36″ Range

Dear appliance dude.

I’ve now cooked on my BlueStar Platinum 36″ range with 6 burners and interchangeable broiler for over 8 months. I’ve owned 2 other pro style ranges for about 10 years and this range out performs them both by far. This powerful and equally beautiful range has tackled massive pots of stock, delicate simmers, sautéing, grilling, wok cooking, broiling and baking with utmost precision and ease. I think I’ve run the gamut, and I’ll discuss each with you and your customers.

First up:

1. Sautéing. BlueStar is a genuine restaurant range with 6″ star shared burners. Power aside, it’s their design that makes all the difference for successful, enjoyable cooking. The flames shoot straight up to the center and over the entire base of the pan- evenly. Unlike round sealed burners that throw all their heat to the outer edge. No great cookware can compensate for this uneven heat. The results mean your crab cakes or meatballs all brown the same and in the same time. More importantly, the fond (the brown bits that develop in your pan for great flavor) is not in jeopardy of burning because you’re not still trying to brown food in the center. Which is what happens on conventional pro ranges. Also, these burners perform the same on all sizes of pots and pans, with even heat at all BTU levels. What an advantage!
– My large pots, pans, and skillets sit center over the rear burners too.

2. Boiling. These burners bring my pots of stock and pasta water to a boil more than twice as fast as one of my prior pro range’s sealed burners. Also, a gallon of pasta water needs only a couple seconds to recover a boil when pasta is dumped in. Your cooking time starts immediately.

3. Grilling. The interchangeable grill fits over two burners. I always pan grilled indoors. But the sleek design that came with this range really enticed me to do it. If your grilling for more than two, I suggest doing it outdoors because of the smoke. But wanting to test the grills capabilities I had my family over and grilled 8 very thick pork chops all at once. Almost 1 pound each. The results were fantastic. The trick is to let the grill heat up slow on medium low heat for 15 minutes and then turn the burners to around medium heat for another 5 minutes. A nice dark orange glow from the baffle is what you want. The grill, when heated up adequately, was quite even in heat, including the middle section between the burners. The chops all came off at the same time in great comparison to chophouse standards. Great grill flavor and juicy. I loaded the grill up with asparagus for a great side. If your into grilling indoors, you’ll love it. Far better than high heat pan grilling.

4. Broiling. What can I say, the broiler is a nice size, heats up fast with ferocious searing heat. The ceramic radiates heat consistently without the on-off cycling fluctuations of most gas broilers. Closed door broiling with perfect results. What I also like are the rack positions in relation to the broiler. Great spacing for skillets and other means of broiling. Keep a sharp eye on food using this broiler. Shrimp scampi is done in a flash. With a little practice you’ll love it’s steak and chophouse power.

5. Oven. The more I use the Platinum oven the more impressed I am with it. The temp is so precise and consistent. The heat is even throughout too, because it has true European convection. Meaning the ovens gas heating element is in the back of the oven, and is encompassed around the convection fan. It is unlike typical gas ovens, where the element is in the bottom and a separate convection fan is up inside circulating ambient heat around. When the Platinum oven cycles to maintain oven temperature, the element comes on and heats the air while circulating it around the oven. All the air is constantly reheated and circulated. These cycles are about 30 seconds long, and run every 3 minutes or so. The result is incredibly even oven temperature throughout the oven cavity. The bottom of this oven can never be too hot as in typical gas ovens. Neither is the back too hot. Read my review BlueStar vs Capital regarding a cookie test. My wife is a skilled baker. She was skeptical at first and now loves it.
The stove is built like a tank. The oven interior is made of thick metal and insulated well.so When the oven has had sufficient time to heat up, the temperature recovery time is very fast after opening the door and checking food. This usually means cooking times won’t be prolonged. Oven generally comes to temp in 15-20 min. I give it another 10 minutes (if I can) to get a good average temp established.

6. Wok cooking is fantastic. I use a 16″ carbon steel wok held by my cast iron wok grate made by Capital. It fits perfectly over the burner, allowing plenty of oxygen to feed the flame. What a joy!

Overall opinions:

1. Cleaning this range is a dream. The all cast iron surface seasons itself with each use and gets easier to clean with age. Anything soluble wipes up in a jiffy. Hardly any ritual scrubbing is needed.
2. The knobs are solid and tight when adjusting the flame. No annoying loose play that’s all too common with pro ranges.
3. The racks are extra heavy duty. Nice glide rack too.
4. I’ve never felt the oven door getting alarmingly hot. I think this was a concern in the past that got a bit blown out of proportion. Mine seems fine and typical for an oven.
5. Occasionally, there is clicking of the burners, but only rarely. They stop before long, and don’t seem to be a real problem. Sometimes all they need is a little tap to get them to “wake up” and stop.
6. No digital interface to short out. Instead, a solid build with”tried and true” switches and knobs.

In my opinion, this is the very best range available and has been worth the investment. If you’re a serious cook, there’s really nothing out there, except for Capital, that comes close.

Capital Range: Awesome Products, Weak Website – Curto’s Can Help

Written by Appliance Dude | December 2nd, 2015

Editor’s note: I’m posting this on 12/1/15..I’ve been told that Capital has a new web site that is almost finished. Once it’s a live site, I’ll take this down…but for now, this is for all the folks that have been complaining about the usability of Capital’s web site. We’re here to help – you need specs or other info about their GREAT products, let us know – 800-966-2878.
And remember – we ship Capital all over the US.

Capital Range Review – The Badass Broiler System – Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | November 20th, 2015

Man, I have a serious back log of videos that I need to start launching. What better way to start than with a focus on the sickest broiler system in the land. If I could equate the Capital broiler (especially the glass infrared) with a rock band it would be ZZ Top (more on ZZ below my video).

Can you dig it?

I tried to make this a 5 min post but there was too much to cover. Enjoy the 9 mins folks and hit me with any questions…and remember we ship Capital NATIONWIDE.

BTW – if anyone questions the “badass-ness” of ZZ Top, or, perhaps have not been exposed to the tres hombres from Texas, please watch them slay the great Robert Johnson’s “Stop Breaking Down Blues” below

Capital COB304 Dual Fuel Range

Written by Appliance Dude | November 10th, 2015

My Capital COB304 blue flame.

The beautiful blue flame from my Capital COB304.

The beautiful blue flame from my Capital COB304.

Review: Capital Dual Fuel Range COB366 Part 1 – The Oven!

Written by Appliance Dude | June 1st, 2015

Shop for Capital ranges and ovens at Curtos.com

I’ve owned a Capital Dual Fuel range since last May and we love it.
Now it’s time to start spreading the love and showing people why this is one of the most incredible high-end ranges on the market.
Yes, the burners can lash out Godzilla-style but the real action is in the oven. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series.
And yes, I know it’s 8 mins long, but make yourself comfortable and feel the love. This costs over $6k so the time will be well spent!

NB – Click the wheel on the YouTube player for HD!