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Dinner With Surjit from Capital Range

Written by Appliance Dude | May 4th, 2013

Last night I had the pleasure of breaking bread with Surjit Kalsi from Capital Range Co, along with his lovely wife and other folks. I walked away from the dinner with a new friend as well as a deeper appreciation for the quality and pride that is poured into the Capital cooking products. I was sold on Capital’s attention to detail and the overall quality of their product but after last night’s long conversation with Surjit, suffice to say that this man literally loves his product!
If you are in the market for a high end cooking producto definitely consider Capital. This man stands behind his product completely.

Capital Range Booty Fest at AD Show

Written by Appliance Dude | April 2nd, 2013

Had to break out the iPhone as I was checking out Capital’s wares at the Architectural Digest show the other week. You will notice that the Dual Fuel “Connoisseurian” series was on display again (as it was last year). We received a ton of feedback about that range and were told that it would be out in the summer of 2012, which then became the Fall of 2012, which then became…

I am now assured that these ranges will be out in the late Spring/early Summer so let’s hold Capital to these dates and get ready to welcome another entrant to the dual fuel landscape.

Capital Connoisseurian 36″ Dual Fuel Range

Capital Culinarian Rangetop – Check the open burners

Capital 48 and 36 Ranges in Colors

Appliance Booty Pictures from the Architectural Digest Show

Written by Appliance Dude | March 24th, 2012

Appliance Dude was at the vaunted NYC show, snapping and gabbing away, getting the dirt on all the sexiest new appliances to be hitting kitchens in the
near future. Things that stuck out…Capital’s new dual fuel Conoisseurian range, Sub-Zero’s French Door Refrigerator, Wolf’s steam oven stacked on top of their
redesigned E-Series oven, lots of Liebherr refrigerators, Bertazzoni ovens and ranges….lots of coolness.

“Wow. I never thought I would feel it for an orangey appliance. Bravo to Capital for this wunderkind

Capital Range - Curtos Appliances

Front and center. Capital range is sick sick sick!

Capital Range Photos

A close-up of the Capital duel fuel range controls

Capital 36″ Range vs. DCS 36″ Range: The Tale of the Tape

Written by Appliance Dude | December 20th, 2011

As our new Capital display went into our showroom the other week, I took note of the fact that it was sitting right next to the DCS vignette.

How ironic.

As some of you may know, when one studies the family tree of professional ranges, you will clearly see that DCS begat Capital over a decade ago.
And it’s a relationship that at least one of the parties still likes to talk about. Our friends at Capital (at least one source that I frequently converse with)
likes to think that they have taken the best of what DCS was known for and advanced it. My guy at DCS doesn’t really talk about Capital as his party line is that DCS is too focused
on their products than what competition is spouting. Cool.
It is interesting how DCS’ new ranges have completely altered their look. They went from a pro/restaurant/man-sized slab of stainless look to what I call the
Jetson/ArtDeco/PostModern vibe. I mean, there is NOTHING out there that looks like this. Insanely brilliant? Or just insane? We’ll have to see, but no longer will I hear how
Capital ranges look just like DCS product. Not a chance.
I’ll dedicate an individual post to the DCS range (it definitely deserves it) but for now, let’s call up the Tale of the Tape and compare the DCS and Capital 36″ gas ranges
on feature-set only. You know that this is only part of the game for me…I have a laser-focus on overall company-health and service network for the products. I can tell you that in the metro NYC market the service is spot-on for both brands. If you live in the Badlands, you may have a problem getting a faulty burner fixed.

Ed. Note – I’m not comparing the Capital Culinarian to this DCS…at least not yet. Let’s get the comparable technology (sealed burners) on the table first.

DCS RGU366 – 36″ Gas Range – $4890

  • Gas Cooktop: Sealed Range Top
  • Sealed, Dual Flow Burners™: 6
  • Gas Oven: Convection Oven, Full Extenstion Telescopic Racking System, Infared Broiler
  • Capacity: 5.3 cuft
  • Oven Performance: Bake 30,000 BTU, Infrared Broil 19,000 BTU
  • Oven Racks/Shelf Positions: 3/5
  • Island Trim: Ships Standard
  • Recommended Ventilation: Minimum 600 – 1200 CFM, VS36 – 36″ Pro Wall Mount Vent Hood IVS40 – 40″ Pro Island Vent Hood, ES36 -36″ E Pro Vent Hood

    The DCS RGU366 36" Gas Range

    Capital GCR366 – 36″ Gas Range – $4926

  • 18,000 BTU infrared broiler behind glass
  • 800 – 30,000 BTU Power-Wok burner*
  • 18,000 BTU Thermo-Griddle – 3/8″ thick thermostatically controlled griddle plate*
  • Convection oven
  • 140 deg. simmer – 19,000 BTU Power-Flo burners (sealed)*
  • Auto-ignition/re-ignition on all sealed burners
  • Smooth-top continuous cast iron grates with easy to clean matte porcelain finish
  • 4.6 Cu Ft oven cavity
  • Bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, open-door broil
  • 4 rack positions w/ 3 racks provided (1 rack with broil pan position)
  • 30,000 BTU oven for uniform baking

    Capital GCR366 36" Gas Range

  • Brian’s Capital and Lynx Outdoor Kitchen: Larchmont, NY

    Written by Appliance Dude | August 11th, 2011

    Suffice to say I was was quite stoked when I opened my emails earlier today and found one containing photos of a new outdoor kitchen in Larchmont, NY that Curto’s provided appliances for.

    Outdoor Kitchen Photos from Curto's Appliances

    Damn, it's time to start cooking in this gorgeous outdoor kitchen in Larchmont NY. Appliances supplied by Curto's.

    Brian, the homeowner, had planned this space quite meticulously as I recall talking to him about appliances almost one year before the units were delivered to him. We went through a bunch of different options but Brian ultimately went with a Capital 40″ grill, a Capital charcoal grill, a Lynx warming drawer and a Liebherr outdoor refrigerator.

    Truth be told, there were a few bumps in the road appliance-wise, specifically the Capital grill came out of the box with a defective rotisserie. Capital’s corporate service dept was very attentive (both Brian and myself spoke to Bob, Capital’s head of customer service numerous times) and soon enough the rotis was fixed and Brian was able to enjoy his outdoor space at full throttle. Brian, I am expecting an invite over for the first rotisserie-fired pig roast!

    Outdoor Kitchen, Larchmont NY - Curtos.com

    Check out the wood, check out the stone floor, check out the Capital grills, this man has taste!

    Aside from the appliances, I think this a great case study on how to work the natural ingredients of your backyard into the design of an outdoor kitchen. Check out what Brian did with the large rock to the left of the kitchen. It blends seamlessly into the stone of the actual kitchen thus creating a feeling of continuity.

    I also want to applaud his use of wood with the flooring. Very zen, very gorgeous. I have a note into Brian to detail the supplies he used for both the deck as well as the stone work around the grill.

    Brian, thanks for the photos and enjoy that space!

    Side view of the outdoor kitchen in Larchmont. Note how the owner installed individual lights on top of island, bypassing the use of just the grill lights.

    Capital Ranges On Display at Curto’s Appliance Store

    Written by Appliance Dude | August 2nd, 2010

    After months of consternation, my mind is made up.

    Capital Ranges will be on display at Curto’s, perhaps as early as this week.

    I have been toying with the idea of displaying Capital’s ranges and other cooking appliances, but I just didn’t feel bold enough to put another high-end cooking brand on the floor with the economy still in banged-up mode. No doubt things are a hell of a lot better than 2008-09, but customers are still being very very shrewd and value-driven, even in the high-end space.

    And that’s what made up my mind about Capital ranges. They are offering great products at EXTREMELY attractive price points compared to the high-end behemoths. I think that many consumers are going to jump at what Capital Range co. is offering.

    I’ll update this post when we actually get a piece on the Curto’s floor.

    Capital Range at Curto's Appliances

    Capital Ranges...Soon to be on Display at Curto's