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DCS Grill Outdoor Kitchen Review – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | September 18th, 2017

Recently finished this DCS outdoor kitchen in White Plains in Westchester County.
Watch the video for an in-depth analysis of the DCS products used as well as a rundown of the materials used to build the island. And remember, we ship DCS products FREE across the USA. Let us help you with your DCS outdoor kitchen!

DCS Grill Review – Bitchin’ Steak Perfection – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | February 12th, 2017

The DCS BH1-36-R-L 36″ Grill Reverse-Sears a Steak to Bitchin’ Results

by Senor Smoke

I reintroduced the DCS to my grill arsenal about a month ago. I was pretty psyched to start using it again due to all of the changes DCS had made to their 36 and 48 inch grills. The grills have been advertised as still being incredibly hot YET due to their new valves they are now able to control and stabilize heat at much lower temps.
I decided to test the DCS grill’s ability to handle disparate temperature settings by cooking a thick steak with a technique I borrowed from the world of barbecue – the reverse sear.

Reverse-searing is used when you have a thick cut of meat and want to see edge-to-edge pink throughout the cut, as opposed to the bullseye effect where you go from charred on the exterior, to grey, to pink to blueish pink in the middle. With the reverse-sear you will cook the cut at a much lower temperature for an extended period of time, and it is ultimately finished off with blazing heat to get the char that locks in the juices. So in essence you are reversing the normal grilling routine where people will sear first, then switch to a lower temperature.

The test would be performed with a beautiful, thick, lusciously-marbled strip steak. I started off giving it a quick massage with extra virgin olive oil, hit it with the Jake’s Grillin coffee rub, a layer of Jacobsen’s sea salt and then she was ready for the grill.

I had preheated the DCS for about 10 minutes and had the far right burner on low while the far left burner was on medium.
The steak was placed on the LOW side for about 12 minutes (six mins per side) and I moved them at a 45 degree angle every 3 mins to get my crosshatch marks. I observed no flareups and the grill hovered around low-mid 300’s for the entire duration.

After the 12 mins were up the steak was registering an internal temp of around 70 degrees. I turned up the left burner to high and after waiting about a minute I placed the strip on there and the SIZZLE began. I immediately started seeing some flareup action so I moved the steak around a little bit in order to control the flame. Three minutes on one side and a repeat on the second side and I was registering 130 on the instead read so it was time to pull off to get my medium rare.

I let the steak sit for about 15 mins (temping) which allows the muscle and connective tissue to relax and also causes the juices to redistribute making the cut far more tender.
When it was time to cut into it I realized I had nailed my medium rare, pretty much edge to edge.

This little experiment showed me two important things about the DCS grill.

1 – it continues to handle flareups very well. The grill was red hot and that steak was well marbled so it did flare up, even with the grease management system. However after moving the steak a little bit, the flareups quickly dissipated. That’s more than I can say about some premium gas grills I have used that will continue to have a burning flare even after the meat is pulled away from it.

2 – the grill was able to operate with the burners at two very different temp setting without much carryover with the heat. It seemed as if the grill was cooking with separate temperature zones which is a very useful feature.

More DCS Grilling to come soon. Enjoy the pictures from the cook and remember that we ship DCS grill nationwide and will match any price offered to you by an authorized dealer.

Strip steak goes on the DCS BH136RL for some low temp cooking

Temperature reading on DCS 36″ Grill

Quick flareup as the steak is brought the higher temp side.

Dcs Grill

Grill Strip Steak on DCS Grill – Curtos.com

Beautiful char on DCS 36 Grill

DCS BH13648RN Grill Curtos.com

Beautiful medium rare thanks to the reverse sear technique on a DCS grill

Steak on the DCS Grill BH136RN – Curtos.com

DCS Grill Review: Controlled Heat on the BH1-36R-N – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | February 1st, 2017

The DCS 36 Grill BH136RN is Still a Heat Missile, But Now With More Control

A reunion took place the other week as I cooked on a DCS grill for the first time in two years.
Much has changed about the DCS grill in that time.
They’ve cosmetically altered the grill. They’ve added a useless temp gauge for the canopy.
They added heat reflectors to the bottom of the firebox in order to push more heat towards the grate.
The smoker box was integrated to the front of the grill. They offered a hybrid infrared burner (whose purpose I am still questioning) as well as a cool

The last time I cooked on a DCS with any frequency I was amazed at how HOT it was. This was partially due to the heat reflectors under the burners, but also due to the fact that the valves that controlled the temp sweep were pretty steadfast in maintaining that blistering high heat. Even if you brought the temp down with the knob to a LOW setting, you were still getting some serious heat.

That’s all changed as DCS swapped out the valves behind the knob and has tweaked so you get much better lows…45% better actually WITHOUT sacrificing the infernal heat when you crank it to HIGH or SEAR.

Check out the details below and remember, we ship DCS grills and outdoor kitchens nationwide, so call us for details.

DCS Grill Review: 5 Reasons to Buy a DCS Grill in 2017 – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | January 23rd, 2017

DCS Grill Review – 5 Reasons to Buy a DCS Grill in 2017

What better way to pass through the eve as a nor’easter blasts through the Eastern seaboard than by discussing grills? Let’s get to it…

DCS Grill Key Features

  • Full Surface Searing
  • Improved Valves = Better Temp Control
  • Grease Management System
  • Rock Solid Construct
  • Hottest Gas Grill on Earth

The DCS Grill, first launched in 1989, is the grand-daddy of all premium gas grills. Yes, they predated Lynx, Viking, Twin Eagle, Alfresco…and for decades not much was changed on these grills (they did change the burners from an H-Shaped cast steel structure and eliminated an incredibly popular 27″ grill).
However with the premium gas grill becoming more and more crowded, and the sudden encroachment of more budget-oriented grills produced in Asia, DCS began to make some changes in 2015 and 2016. The end result was that the DCS has maintained its position as the Alpha male in the premium gas category, all while still coming in at a price point below most of the competition. Let’s look at 5 reasons to buy this grill:

1 – Full Surface Searing

DCS Grills - Curtos.com

DCS Grills Offer all-surface searing, an industry first.

2 – Improved Valves = Better Temperature Control

DCS Grills - Curtos.com

DCS Changed Their Valves to Produce Better Response at Lower Temperatures.

3 – Grease Management System

DCS Grills - Curtos.com

DCS Grills offer a grease management system to minimize flareups.

4 – Rock Solid Construct

DCS Grills - Curtos.com

DCS Grills are made of 304 stainless and their carts and door drawer compartments of some of the best built in the industry.

5 – Hottest Grill on the Planet

In the past I complained about the brutal fury that the DCS grill unleashed when it was taken up to High or Sear.
With the inclusion of the new valves, the sweep between Low and the highest setting is incredibly pronounced. Even between Medium and Low you will see an appreciable drop in temp and more importantly the lower, controlled temps can be maintained for extended periods of time. The precision control is a great story, but there are still folks who demand the full brunt of the seventh circle of hell coming off of their grill. Suffice to say Dante Caravaggio would have owned a DCS.

Interested in purchasing a DCS Grill? We match all Internet pricing and offer FREE Nationwide delivery. Purchase a DCS Appliances 36″ or 48″ Grill Head and any outdoor storage product to receive a free Built in Sideburner or Single Tower Drawer.Call the Curto’s showroom today and talk to a DCS grill expert…

DCS 36″ Grill Review – The Improved BH136RN – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | January 22nd, 2017

The DCS BH136RN Grill Review – Hottest Gas Grill on the Planet?

After a nearly 2-year layoff I have reconnected with DCS (my former go-to gas grill) and had the pleasure of taking home a BH136RL the other night and proceeded to immediately kick the tires. It would be interesting to see how my view on this grill had changed since I last cooked on one. In that 2-year time period I had fallen for the Alfresco grill and all of the incredible versatility that it offers, and I had also expanded my grill arsenal to Kamado ceramic cookers as well as a variety of pellet grills from the likes of Traeger and Memphis. I had become smitten with smoking and cooking over live fire…so what would the return to a premium gas grill hold for me?

Happy to say that even with all of these other grills on the landscape, the DCS cut through the noise and delivered. Simply put – the DCS is one helluva beast and remains Hot as Hell!

DCS Grill Burners – Serious Heat

About a year and a half ago I produced a video where I discussed the infernal heat that the new DCS grills produced. The heat was so intense that I had to purchase Steve Raichlen grill gloves to insulate my hands and arms from the fire. See video below:

So a few things haven’t changed. First – the grill is still incredibly hot. I mean, infernally hot. That is something DCS has always prided themselves on their ability to turn the burners so high that there never was a need for an infrared sear burner. For many grill enthusiasts and weekend grill warriors this would be a positive. However, while it’s fun to talk about having the equivalent of a 612HP V10 engine under your grill, it would be rather inhibiting at medium and lower temperatures. The grill is actually so hot that just standing in front of it on a January evening in the Northeast where it was around 40 degrees felt a bit uncomfortable. Like I said, the grill has serious muscle.

However to DCS’ credit they did change one thing related to temperature that completely changes the game. The valves have been upgraded so they now provide a wider spread of temperature difference when turning the knob. In the past, Sear was infernal, High was borderline infernal, Medium was hot and Low was definitely not low. Now I saw an appreciable difference between the High and Low settings. I was able to grill shrimp in a basket at a relatively mild temperature on the right burner, all while searing a tuna steak at the grill’s most wicked temperature. That would not have been possible a few years ago with the way the grill was completely turbo-charged.

DCS Grill Build

Not much has changed on the DCS grill in terms of how it is constructed. The canopy still has some heft to it which speaks to its heavy-duty construction, and the grates are incredibly solid. The cart is one of the best built in the premium grill industry. The sliding door (which stores my propane tank) rolls out effortlessly and the two drawers on the left side are aligned properly (a big issue with grill carts) and also roll out with ease and are not wobbly.

Senor Smoke’s Take

If you are looking for a gas grill that is going to hold up for years, and you don’t want to spend at the apex of gas grills, then the DCS should be the call.
It delivers an solid build laden with design integrity, incredibly powerful burners that now have the ability to sweep downwards for lower heat, a great grease management system to minimize flareups and still comes in at a price point that should be lower than Lynx, Alfresco, Fire Magic and Twin Eagles.

Buy a DCS Grill or Outdoor Kitchen at Curtos.com

DCS Grills Get a Facelift for 2015 – Review

Written by Appliance Dude | August 11th, 2015

Shop for DCS Grills at Curto’s

Considering that DCS bbq grills really hadn’t changed in 15 years, from time to time I would ask my DCS rep when/if DCS was planning on updating their vaunted outdoor grills.

“Why bother with perfection?” was the answer every time.

Well I guess someone at DCS decided to improve upon perfection b/c things have changed in 2015! And they’re not minor tweaks!

Here’s a breakdown of the major changes you’ll see in the new DCS grills:

1- they’ve removed warning text from the front left side of the manifold and placed it in the drip tray (DCS reason: cleaner look, Appliance Dude’s take: they didn’t want letters rubbing off and fading from the front.

2 – Old burner ignition has been removed, burners are now ignited with a a push and turn of the knobs. DCS reason: we are the only company who does this, makes it similar to an indoor range. Appliance Dude take: Great idea, but Twin Eagle offers this on the Wolf outdoor grill.

3 -Knobs changed – new knobs are recessed into the bezel(looks much nicer), new knob has stainless look, new bezel is larger.

4 – Two new (major accessories) – a Hybrid infrared burner which sports rounder, different grates than the rest of the grill and will get hot as Hades. There is also a new griddle accessory which will slip in on the right side after you remove the grates. More on the hybrid burner below.

5 – The smoker tray now has a cover with holes to slowly release smoke and prevent chips from burning too fast. It’s also welded close so you can add liquid to the tray.

6 – DCS has also added a reflector shield to the firebox which will sit under the burner and reflect wasted heat back up to the grilling surface

My .02 on the more important changes…

One of the reasons DCS has been a favorite grill of mine is that it didn’t need to offer you a dedicated sear zone. As I’ve always stated, DCS takes the Spinal Tap practice of turning their amps up to “11” – in DCS’ case you would turn the knob past “High” and onto the “SEAR” setting and you would be searing your filet mignon or tuna in no-time. But DCS has listened to the public, who, in DCS’ estimation, is begging for a sear area.
As they told me, since every other grill manufacturer has a dedicated, built-in sear option, consumers have felt that it’s mandatory to offer this feature. So DCS followed suit.

The smoker tray is a good idea and what’s even better is that it’s been taken off the top of the grill (which is where Lynx places their tray). Tucking it inside (like Alfresco) frees up room on top of the grill and creates an environment more conducive to smoking.

I haven’t formed an opinion yet on the implementation of the reflector shield. Did DCS feel as if their firebox wasn’t generating enough heat?
There’s only one way to find out and that will be via first hand testing with the infrared gun. I anticipate the delivery of my DCS BGC36 in the next few weeks so I will post the results shortly thereafter.

I really don’t think the DCS grills needed an overhaul, but I certainly didn’t agree with the opinion that it didn’t need to change over 15 years because it was “perfect”. Far from it. Surjit Kalsi created the DCS grill and when he sold the company and eventually formed Capital Range Co, he felt that he took the design of the DCS grill and improved upon it with Capital grill (too bad there’s no distribution in the NY metro area!).

DCS has always offered the best grease management system, the ability to turn the entire grill top into a sear zone with the twist of knob, a durable rotisserie and great accessories that form a complete outdoor kitchen at a better price than Lynx, Alfresco and Viking. But it wasn’t without flaws. These changes have improved DCS’ game and it will be interesting to see how it performs against it’s other high-end competition b/c the manufacturer has also raised the prices quite a bit.

As I always say, I can predict winners or losers in the appliance game but there’s one authority with the real call – let the consumer dictate if this is a winner!

Shop for DCS Grills at Curtos.com

Review: DCS BGC36-BQAR-L 36″ Grill – Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | July 7th, 2015

Review of the DCS BGC36bq-ar-n 36″ Grill

The new DCS BGC36bq-ar-n is a volcanic grill.
If heat is what you want, then roll with this grill. The addition of
heat shields to the firebox reflect all heat back up to the grates to create an infernal temp that would make Godzilla smile. However you may find yourself in need of a good pair of grill mitts. I went with the Steve Raichlen models which are touted on America’s Test Kitchen.

Review: DCS 36 Grill Grease Management System – DCS BGC36BQARN

Written by Appliance Dude | June 3rd, 2015

Shop for the DCS BGC36BQARN at Curto’s

What sets DCS grills apart from the competition is their patented Grease Management System. The system features channeled grates which are sloped into a trough in the front of the grill. Grease is funneled from the food (and away from the burners) thus limiting the amount of sustained flare ups which are the bane of any griller.

This quick video clearly illustrates the DCS Grease Management system at work. I took an incredibly juicy Kobe beef burger which had flavorful juice seeping from it. My former grill would have lit up like the Bonfire of the Vanities as the juices would have had nowhere to go but on the burners. In this case, watch the DCS pull the grease away.

Review: New DCS BGC36BQARN Grill – Hot as H–L!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 16th, 2015

I’ve owned the new DCS BGC36BQARN for about 3 weeks now and I continue to test it in a variety of ways to see if it’s up to snuff and a true leader in the premium grills category. One thing that I have observed multiple times is that this grill is HOT AS H-LL. When I used to fire up my Wolf OG36 grill, I would put it on high, close the lid and come back to it about 10 minutes and I’d be ready to cook, sear or do whatever. With the DCS, all I have to do is put it on the MED or HIGH setting (forget about SEAR!) and within 5-7 mins this grill is white hot. So much so that I’ve had some problems pulling hamburgers or chicken burgers off the back portion of the grates b/c I can’t stretch my arms over the grates, even at an elevated level. That’s lead to my next grill-related purchase.
After 4 years of grilling with a Weber Summit and the Wolf OG36, I never experienced such heat that I needed to back off the grill (or get gloves). I’m convinced that this is due to the new DCS grill design for 2015 which includes a stainless heat reflector shield built around the base of the burner. This shield will reflect any heat that is moving in a downward direction to be reflected back up towards the grates so as to improve heating efficiency. It’s my belief that this is the most significant addition to the new DCS grills in 2015, surpassing that of the hybrid IR insert burner and the griddle accessory. A hot grill is a great grill and DCS has certainly upped the heat ante with these shields.