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New Bosch Dishwashers – The 500 Series – SHX55RL5UC

Written by Appliance Dude | August 3rd, 2011

Bosch has revamped their dishwasher line and it looks as if they have significantly upped the ante so we’re going to take a look at what’s new.

In this post I’m going to focus on the 500 series which is Bosch’s most popular line in the US.
Though the 500 series falls in the middle of their offerings, the most value can be found in this line, as some of the 500-series models offer features that can only be found in top-of-the-line models from domestic dishwasher makers, all while coming in at reasonable price points.

My personal favorite in the old lineup was the SHX45L15UC, otherwise known as the SHX45P05UC (same model, just a different sku). I own this dishwasher and can state firsthand that it is not only extremely quiet, but packed with features that you would normally find in a $1000+ dishwasher.
Bosch has now improved on the SHX45’s design, replacing it with the new SHX55RL5UC.
The SHX55RL5UC features:
– Stainless steel tub
– 4 wash cycles
– 46 decibels (improving on the SHX45’s 47 decibel rating)
– 14 place setting capacity
– 19 hour delay start timer
– Sanitize option
– Half load cycle for small loads

Energy efficient, quiet and dependable. The best part is that the SHX55RL5UC can be had for less than $1000, whereas it is bringing value to the table that you’d normally see in a $1200 dw.

This dishwasher is only available in stainless. If you want one in black or white or with a recessed handle, you would have to look at the SHE55R5 (recessed handle) or the SHX55R5 (bar handle). These two dishwasher are also 1db quieter, coming in at 46dbs.

Best Dishwasher? Give My Love to the Bosch SHE68E15UC

Written by Appliance Dude | March 18th, 2011

I have a customer who is putting together a sick, sick kitchen in Scarsdale NY and suffice to say the appliances that are going in there are world beaters. He needs 2 dishwashers and he point-blank asked me, “I want the best dishwasher out there”.

Hmmm…what a heavy question. Let me think, think , think here….

If money is not an option, I’m picking a higher-end Bosch, and in particular the SHE68E15UC dishwasher. This should sell for anywhere from $1549-$1799.

Bosch has taken their share of lumps over the last few years. One of the criticisms that you will hear aimed at them is that their dishwashers are nowhere near the level of the Bosch’s that were on the market 10 years ago. You’ll hear people say that the new ones are too “plastic-y” and that they just feel cheaper.

I’m not going to deny that if you are looking at an Ascenta series model (go find me a “rich” feeling $599 dishwasher). But you CANNOT rag on the 800 Plus Series dishwashers. No way. This is the line where Bosch plays for keeps.

I don’t care which high-end dishwasher manufacturer, domestic or European, that you roll out.
Drawers. Tall tubs. Smart dispense. Third and Fourth racks. Bring it. The Bosch bests all.
Look at the numbers:

6 wash cycles and 5 options..ok who cares about this, no one buys a dw based on wash cycles.

Quiet. How quiet? 40 decibels quiet. I own the SHX45L15UC which is in the high 40’s and it’s a very quiet dw with the only sound you’ll hear being the swishing of water. That means that the
SHE68E15UC is probably so quiet that you won’t even know that it’s working.

It’s also the most energy efficient dishwasher in the US – using 180kw per year.

For you 3rd rack buffs, Bosch has included one. Warning , you need to snap your silverware in.

LCD display in the front

15 place setting

Bosch's Ultra Dope SHE68E15UC Dishwasher. Take No Prisoners.

Bosch Dishwasher SHX58E15UC – Third Rack at a Lower Price

Written by Appliance Dude | August 16th, 2010

For those clamoring for a dishwasher with three racks but don’t want to spend between $1500-$2500, your requests have been answered.
Bosch has just introduced the SHX58E15UC dishwasher from their vaunted 800 Plus series of dishwashers. This designation means it belongs to the highest level of dishwashers that Bosch produces. Here is the spec break down on the SHX58E15UC.

– 45 Decibels
– Stainless tall tub
– 5 Wash cycles
– InfoLight beam that shines on the floor noting that dw is running
– 259 kw per year – Energy Star certified
– Half load option for small loads
– 15 Place setting
and of course….a THIRD RACK.

Now let’s focus on this third rack…in the past only one other company was known for producing a third rack for cutlery and silverware and the prices on their dishwashers were and still are astronomical. The third rack brings multiple advantages for a homeowner:
1) It frees up valuable space on the lower rack since you don’t need a basket for silverware.

2) Customers find the third rack easier to load/unload than using the basket.

3) Silverware or other items in the 3rd rack are cleaned more thoroughly. Why? Because each item is separated with space in between them, whereas when you load in a basket items are jumbled on top of another and some parts are not exposed to cleaning elements (like knife tips).

The cool thing about a third rack is that it also provides flexibility. I have customers who have loaded demitasse cups, smaller ice cream bowls, spatulas and similar items aside from their silverware.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a dishwasher with a third rack, the Bosch SHX58E15UC has provided the reason to move on one. Enjoy the fruits of the Bosch 800 Plus series of dishwashers – quietness, energy efficiency, advanced cleaning system, third rack, all without paying an obscene amount for a dishwasher.

MSRP Price – $1449…of course if you pay that, ya been robbed!

Bosch 800 Series dishwasher SHX58E15UC - Enjoy the third rack!

Bosch's New SHX58E15UC Dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher Buying Guide Part 1 – Bosch Integra Dishwashers

Written by Appliance Dude | May 6th, 2010

If you’re looking to buy a Bosch dishwasher you’ve come to the right place.

Is your current dishwasher leaking all over the floor?
Are your dishes coming out dirtier than when you put them in?
Or maybe you’re redoing your entire kitchen and you’ve decided to update your relatively trouble-free dishwasher.

Bosch Integra Dishwasher - Hidden Controls

Your choice of dishwasher is extremely important. Unless you are open to the drudgery of cleaning grime from dishes and burning your hands under scalding water when doing so), your dishwasher is an indispensable part of your kitchen. It is YOUR FRIEND. And if it’s going to be your friend, it needs to be someone you can trust, and there isn’t a dishwasher brand out there that can be trusted as much as Bosch.

Plus, Bosch has not incorporated UMRP, or minimum prices on their dishwasher lines, so it is possible to buy a discount Bosch dishwasher without a great effort, especially if you live in the price-pressurized Northeast market.

Why Buy a Bosch Dishwasher 24?
Bosch dishwashers are among the most popular dishwashers in the marketplace. Why? Because they combine the following: QUALITY – PERFORMANCE – DURABILITY-FLEXIBLE PRICE. They consistently receive positive reviews from Consumer Reports, as a matter of fact when CR released their most recent dishwasher ratings, Bosch held 2 of the top 3 spots. Quite simply, Bosch knows how to make a quality dishwasher and get it into your home and price that won’t make you break into a cold sweat.

Bosch dishwashers can be broken down into several different lines:
Bosch Integra
Bosch Evolution
Bosch Ascenta

Today we’re going to focus on the Bosch Integra line of dishwashers, whose calling card is that the controls are hidden from the user. Instead of being located on the front of the dishwasher door, they are found on the TOP of the door, accessible when you open the door.

Bosch Integra Dishwashers: 300 Series
Bosch Integra dishwashers start with the 300-series. The 300 series operates at 50 decibels, a stainless steel tub and 4 wash cycles. They are Energy Star and NSF certified. There is a 19 hour delay start timer and quick wash that operates in 30 minutes. These dishwashers are available in black, white, stainless and will accept a custom panel.
Prices on the Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher should be from $750 on a black or white model to around $850 on a stainless unit.

Bosch Integra Dishwashers: 500 Series
The Bosch Integra 500 Series is the most popular offering from Bosch and IMHO offers the MOST value. Want to make your dollars work wonders? This is the line to be in. The two offerings to focus on in this series are the SHX45 and the SHX65 models. The SHX65 offers more wash cycles (6 opposed to 4) as well as a sanitize option that removes bacteria. Aside from those two features the dishwashers are identical: they both operate at the same decibel level (47), both are Energy Star certified, both offer stainless tubs and both offer capacity for 14 place settings. The SHX45P05UC can be had for under $900, especially if you take advantage of Bosch rebate programs. The SHX65 should start around $975 in black or white and go up to about $1150 for stainless.

Bosch Integra Dishwashers: 800 and 800 Plus Series
The Bosch Integra 800 Series is Bosch’s premium line of dishwashers. They offer an introductory dishwasher, the SHX68P05UC, which operates at a near silent 44 decibels, offers 6 wash cycles, a stainless tub and reduces Energy usage up to 20%. The next step up is the 800 Plus series which takes everything that the SX68P05UC and SHV68P03UC offer and delivers even more. The SHX68E05UC is 42 decibels and operates at 180kw per year, which helps qualify it for the demanding 2011 Energy Star requirements. The premium SHX68E15UC and SHV68E13UC also offer 6 wash cycles but operate at 40 decibels which makes them the quietest dishwashers in the US market. Both 800 Series plus dishwashers also offer one more rack (15) than the 800 Series SHX68 and offers a different, more flexible racking system for easier loading.
Prices on the Bosch 800 Series should start around $1199 and will move up to around $1600 for the top of the line 800 Series Plus. Expensive?
Go price out a Miele if you want sticker shock – top of the line Miele LaPerla dishwasher chalks in at $2400.

Check out this video touting the power of the Bosch 800+ Series. It rocks! And keep an eye out for the vaunted 3rd rack…more on that below!


The 800 Plus Series Offers the Third Rack System

With the introduction of the 800 Plus Series, Bosch now offers a third rack for additional loading capacity, something that you originally would only find in a Miele dishwasher. This third rack is V-shaped and helps to separate silverware, making it easier to clean. It also offers room for odd-shaped cutlery and small dishes.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher - Third Rack

Suffice to say, I absolutely love the Bosch Integra Line of dishwashers. They look great, are durable and don’t command price points that border on the absurd. Plus, they’ve received the adualtion from Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports and scores of households whom first bought Bosch dishwasher products when they were first introduced into the US market in the 1990’s and would NEVER think of switching into another brand.


Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | November 11th, 2009

Thermador appliances is taking steps to make sure they are not solely viewed as a cooking appliance company. Over the last few years they have introduced wave after wave of new products, and now they are touting their new line of dishwashers. They’ve released three new ones, dubbed Quartz, Emerald and Sapphire armed with the ability to

  • wash delicate crystal glasses
  • clean heavily soiled pots and pans
  • Thermador_Sapphire_Dishwasher_Curtos

    Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher at Curto's Appliances

    The Sapphire dishwasher in particular offers a large and versatile capacity that can accommodate 15 place settings, more utensils, crystal and pots, so home entertainers can spend more time entertaining and less time cleaning. So after entertaining guests with your recipe for chicken rollatini in a zesty lemon and herb sauce be confident that Thermador’s Sapphire dishwasher will be up to the task of cleaning up.

    So now we shift to the important stuff. Like what is the price of this Thermador dishwasher? Which appliance stores offer discount prices on it?
    Well, Thermador products are under a UMRP price policy, so every dealer should be quoting around the same price (yeah, okaaaayy).
    As of November 11th, prices are:

    Thermador DWHD651GFP Sapphire dishwasher – $1999
    Thermador DWHD630GCM Emerald dishwasher – $1299
    Thermador DWHD410GFM Quartz dishwasher – $949

    Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Drawers – DD24DD

    Written by Appliance Dude | September 22nd, 2009

    Fisher Paykel introduced the concept of dishdrawers to the US almost 10 years ago and the concept caught on immediately with consumers. Now, Fisher Paykel has revised the dishdrawer line with some fantastic new features that have got me so convinced of their value that I’m buying one for my new home!

    From a design perspective there are two flavors – one with a handle (DD24DDFTX6) and one with an inset you fit your hand into (DD24DCTX6). In both models, Fisher Paykel has increased the height of the top drawer so you can now fit up to 13″ plates with ease, making cleaning up after dinner parties a breeze.Here are some other features:

    – Energy Star certified
    – Each drawer is independently operated
    – Offers key lock and child locks
    – Up to 12 hour delay start feature
    – Folding tines create flat surface so large pots, platters and bowls can fit seamlessly into drawer
    – Water is pumped into detergent filtering it through gradually which ensures a superior hygenic wash without detergent burn on dishes

    Fisher & Paykel offers a variety of colors – black, white, stainless and a model that accepts custom panels to match your cabinetry.

    The dishdrawers are incredibly popular and I see them being purchased by a wide customer segment. They are used in Kosher kitchens, NYC apts that are space-confined and are also a popular choice in “green” kitchens due to their eco-friendly nature – the ability to only use one drawer at a time is incredibly friendly to water and electricity consumption.

    The other benefit is that Fisher Paykel lowered the price on these models, so they no longer command prices north of $1200-$1300.

    Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX6

    Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX6

    Fisher Paykel DD24DDFTX6 Straight Handle

    Fisher Paykel DD24DDFTX6 Straight Handle

    Fisher Paykel DD24DTI6 with custom panel, straight handle

    Fisher Paykel DD24DTI6 with Custom Panel, Straight Handle

    Bosch 800 Plus + Series Dishwashers

    Written by Appliance Dude | June 15th, 2009

    Bosch has raised the bar on dishwashers again with the introduction of the 800 Series Plus + line.

    They are available in both Integra (no visible controls) and the Evolution (visible controls) lines.

    These new dishwashers are squarely aimed at competing against Miele’s La Perla and Optima series dishwashers.

    Check out this video of the 800 series Bosch dishwashers.