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Dishwasher Review: GE Profile: PDWT180VSS

Written by Appliance Dude | January 11th, 2012

Usually if a customer wants a domestic dishwasher in the $700-$800
range I look at KitchenAid. I just feel comfortable with their long history with dishwashers.
However, I have developed an affinity for this entry piece in the GE Profile line – GE PDWT180VSS. This is a nice piece.
It’s stainless with the Profile wide arched handle, is relatively quiet at 52 decibels (not whisper quiet, but certainly in a comfortable range)
It’s Energy Star and offers a stainless tub with 5 wash options. It also offers the hard food disposer which more and more shoppers have been asking about.
Is it a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Mercedes-Benz?
However it is a durable, value-packed piece which is extremely stylish looking and brings to the table many features that you’ll find in the Bosch 500-series
save the energy efficiency and quietness. For a tick above $700 it’s definitely worth checking out. We’ve sold a number of them this year and I haven’t had a complaint yet.
I’ve been riffing on GE Profile lately…I think it’s a gem line that needs to be re-discovered…great products in there that are being overlooked by GE Cafe’s long shadow.

GE Profile PDWT180VSS Dishwasher

GE Profile Dishwasher PDWT180VSS – Curtos.com

GE Profile vs. GE Cafe: Double Wall Ovens

Written by Appliance Dude | December 29th, 2011

One of the more popular questions we are asked in the showroom is the difference between the Profile and Cafe lines. We’ll break this down by way of the product category.

Wall Ovens:
GE electric wall ovens come in either 27″ or 30″ flavors.

27″ Wall Ovens
GE Profile
There is one GE Profile double electric ovens coming in at 27″ in width.
– The double oven PT956SRSS offers convection cooking in the top oven and traditional heating in the bottom oven.
– The double oven offers 1 extensible ball-bearing rack.

GE Cafe does not offer a 27″ Wall Oven

30″ Wall Ovens
GE Profile
There are three GE Profile 30″ double wall ovens
– The top of the line PT960SRSS offers convection in both ovens as well as a glass-touch LCD control panel.
– The next two models (PT958SRSS and PT956SRSS) differ in that the PT965 only offers convection in the top oven. Aside from that point, they are virtually identical.

GE Cafe
GE cafe offers one 30″ double oven – CT959STSS .
This model features glass touch controls and convection in BOTH ovens. Also, each oven
offers one fully-extensible rack. Aside from these points the top of the line Profile and Cafe ovens are exactly the same in regards to power output, size (4.4 cu ft) and the broiler system.

PT960SRSS – $3399
PT958sRSS – $3099
PT956sRSS – $2799

GE doesn’t publish pricing on the Cafe series but figure it should cost around $2500, which is about
what you’ll spend on the top of the line Profile PT960SRSS.

GE Cafe Double Oven - CT959STSS

PT960srss - GE Profile Double Oven