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Hot Pants! Prez Day Deal on the GE GTWN4250MWS Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | February 15th, 2012

Hot Pants Alert!

I’ve found a piece with such value that it demands the “hot pants” declaration and needs to stand loud and proud atop the blog.
There was a big buy on this piece at my buying coop and last check I saw about 1200 piece on their way in from GE.
That’s right, we have veritable army of GTWN4250 washers on the way in…It Take a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back!

If the front load phenomenon or the high efficiency top loaders don’t rock your world and you want a simple, safe and reliable
no-frills washer, then jump on this. It’s selling for below 4 bills and offers:
– Energy Star
– It offers a stainless steel tub
– 3.6 cu ft of DOE rated capacity

The story is short and sweet here. You’re buying an Energy Star rated machine on the cheap. And you’re getting a stainless tub (which used to be the sole province
of much higher-priced machines a few years back). If you’ve been thinking about a new washer, hook it up, plug it in and say goodbye to any laundry issues for the next decade.

Hot Pants Alert! GE GTWN4250MWS

First Hot Pants alert for February. Jump on this Prez Day Deal!


Control Panel for the GE GTWN4250MWS

GE Profile vs. GE Cafe: Double Wall Ovens

Written by Appliance Dude | December 29th, 2011

One of the more popular questions we are asked in the showroom is the difference between the Profile and Cafe lines. We’ll break this down by way of the product category.

Wall Ovens:
GE electric wall ovens come in either 27″ or 30″ flavors.

27″ Wall Ovens
GE Profile
There is one GE Profile double electric ovens coming in at 27″ in width.
– The double oven PT956SRSS offers convection cooking in the top oven and traditional heating in the bottom oven.
– The double oven offers 1 extensible ball-bearing rack.

GE Cafe does not offer a 27″ Wall Oven

30″ Wall Ovens
GE Profile
There are three GE Profile 30″ double wall ovens
– The top of the line PT960SRSS offers convection in both ovens as well as a glass-touch LCD control panel.
– The next two models (PT958SRSS and PT956SRSS) differ in that the PT965 only offers convection in the top oven. Aside from that point, they are virtually identical.

GE Cafe
GE cafe offers one 30″ double oven – CT959STSS .
This model features glass touch controls and convection in BOTH ovens. Also, each oven
offers one fully-extensible rack. Aside from these points the top of the line Profile and Cafe ovens are exactly the same in regards to power output, size (4.4 cu ft) and the broiler system.

PT960SRSS – $3399
PT958sRSS – $3099
PT956sRSS – $2799

GE doesn’t publish pricing on the Cafe series but figure it should cost around $2500, which is about
what you’ll spend on the top of the line Profile PT960SRSS.

GE Cafe Double Oven - CT959STSS

PT960srss - GE Profile Double Oven

What Should You Buy? Top Load Washer (HE) vs. Front Load Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | October 13th, 2011

Working out the kinks with the vids!

People are really starting to move to the top load washer/dryer pairs.
Prices are right, capacity is growing and no mildew.

For those inquiring, prices can range from the mid $600’s all the way up to $1700 for the new Whirlpool set with USB ports.

Which GE Front Load Washer Dryer?

Written by Appliance Dude | October 7th, 2011

Continuing the theme from last night’s post, out of the three flavors of non-Profile GE front loaders, I am casting my lot with the steam enabled GFWS3505L washer and the GFDS355EL or GFDS355GL (gas) dryer.
Due to aggressive pricing by GE, these models just plain deliver more than the other models and are nearly priced at the same level.

Yes, having steam in the dryer is cool, and the GFWS3505L washer includes it as well. Steam in the washer…never been a fan and I have been adamant about sharing that sentiment with customers. In my opinion it’s just something else to talk about in order to justify higher prices on washers. However, GE is very clear that steam in the washer is something to behold as it will “rejuvenate fabrics while removing wrinkles and odors” and when injected into a wash load, steam will help lift hard to remove stains and provide a more through cleaning. Am I going to tell you it’s not going to work? No. However I wouldn’t base my purchase decision on this feature.

Instead, focus on the size, the spin speed, the Energy Star rating, the Vibration control, the Speed wash and the load sensing adaptive fill (translation – the washer senses the load weight, then fills with corresponding water).

The GFDS355 dryer brings game as well. At 7.5 cu ft it can fit pretty much anything you toss at it.
It has steam (which I find more useful in a dryer as it’s focus is to refresh and de-wrinkle), a speed dry and the e-dry mode which cuts energy use by 10%.

I’m not going to tell you that this pair is the best set of front loading laundry on the market. However they provide some of the best value out there. They are rebated as well, so you should walk out the dealership for a tick above $1000 with a new washer and dryer on the way.

GFWS3505 – 4.9 cu ft
GFDS355GL – 7.5 cu ft


GE Front Load Washers GFWH2400LWW, GFWN1100LWW, GFWS3500LWW

Written by Appliance Dude | October 6th, 2011

I’m going to make this a three part post, focusing on GE’s three best selling washers.
GE is focusing mucho marketing dollars on these pieces as they hope to become a bigger front load laundry player as they take aim at Whirlpool and LG. Let’s see what this looks like…

The Intro Washer
GFWN1100LWW Tale of the Tape:
Capacity – 3.5 cu ft
Energy Star – Yes
3 Wash cycles
Spin Speed – 1000 RPMS
Delicate cycle – Yes
Available colors – white

The Middle Washer
GFWH2400LWW Tale of the Tape:
Capacity – 4.9 cu ft
Energy Star – Yes
Load Size Sensor for water conservation
Spin Speed – 1200 RPMS
Delicate cycle – Yes
Available colors – white, silver and red

The Premium Washer
GFWS3500LWW Tale of the Tape:
Capacity – 4.9 cu ft
Energy Star – Yes
Steam – Yes
Spin Speed – 1200 RPMS
Delicate cycle – Yes
Available colors – white, silver and red

Yes GE has better and bigger washers than any of these in The Profile lineup), but the key here is the value. These are the units that GE is putting money behind and these are the ones that retailers are moving.

GE gfws3505lms washer - Curtos.com

Pair of GE Front Loading Laundry

New GE Cafe Appliances: A Sneak Preview for Fall 2011

Written by Appliance Dude | August 16th, 2011


Back in March I was given a sneak peek at the next release of GE Cafe appliances. Time has flown, as here we are staring the Fall directly the face and GE is prepared to launch the new Cafe products to coincide with the autumn cooking season.
Included in the new products is the following:
French Door Refrigerator
Double oven range
New Gas Range
Double wall oven
Single Wall Oven
Gas and electric cooktop
Improved dishwasher

I will have an update tomorrow with more product info including some pictures.
Updated product info is here folks!:

Double Oven Range CGS990SETSSRelease Date 10/3
The new double oven range will offer an upper oven at 2.2 cu ft and a lower oven at 4.4 cu ft. But wait, doesn’t the current CGS980SEMSS offer
a second oven in the bottom drawer? Yes it does BUT that oven’s performance in holding temperature is SO-SO at best due to a lack of sealing and insulation.
The new double oven range will have a legit, insulated oven in the upper area that will also self clean.
This range will also offer a killer 20K BTU burner on the right side…that’s more powerful than what some professional cooking ranges offer.
You’ll read more about this new feature in the cooktops section…

Double Wall Oven CT959STSSRelease Date 9/2

Single Wall Oven CT918STSSRelease Date 9/2

The wall ovens are the major new addition to the Cafe lineup.
Both models are 30″ and offer 4.4 cu ft of space
Both offer glass touch control panels
Both ovens are convection (yes, in the double oven CT959 both ovens will offer convection)
Meat Probe
1 roller rack in each oven (more can be purchased as accessories
Installation is straightforward – you can replace any GE, GE Profile or Kenmore 30″ single or double oven since 1997 with these Cafe models.

36″ Gas Cooktop – CGP650SETSSRelease Date 9/2
The 36″ CGP650SETSS will offer 5 sealed burners, with the new 20K BTU burner residing in the middle, flanked by (2) 9.1k burners on the left and
a 5k burner on the back right and a 11k burner on the front right side.

30″ Gas Cooktop – CGP350SETSSRelease Date 9/2
The Cafe CGP350 cooktop will offer 5 sealed burners, 3-piece continuous grates, 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner on the front right burner,
back-lit knobs, an integrated griddle and a gas lockout feature which will shut the entire appliance down for safety purposes.

Let’s hone in on the most important new feature for all of the Cafe gas cooking products – the 20k BTU tri-ring burner.
This burner will provide 3 rings of flame and has proven to be GE’s fastest performing time-to-boil in their entire cooking line.
And talk about flexibility, the inner burner can settle down to a 140 degree low for simmering.

36″ Electric Cooktop – CP650STSSRelease Date 9/2

30″ Electric Cooktop – CP350STSSRelease Date 9/2
The Cafe CP350 30″ electric cooktop will be very similar to it’s Profile counterpart, the PP944.
Both will offer 5 cooking elements
Cooktop lockout – will shut burners and knobs down for safety
Biggest differences between the Cafe and Profile cooktops will be the logo and the lighting (the Cafe uses a blue background light behind knobs, the Profile cooktops use
a white light.

This line has been arguably the biggest success story in the appliance world for the last 4 years. Released right before the world was seemingly about to end due to the various financial calamities that hit simultaneously, GE Cafe allowed people who probably would have purchased a high end appliance package from 2002-2007, but now were shit-scared about the economy. For those who decided to brave the waters and purchase, Cafe allowed one to imagine they were buying pro appliances that would be the envy of the neighborhood, but do so at a much lower price point than a Viking, Dacor or Thermador kitchen would cost.
I’m surprised that it took GE this long to introduce more Cafe appliances, but give kudos to them for not rushing a GE Profile piece out the door and calling it Cafe just to ride the wave. GE has been dutiful and committed in their product development and I think the expansion of the line will not only prove to strengthen their hold on this upper-middle price tier, but this will probably scare the bejesus out of their competition who have all been trying to ape the Cafe appliance line for several years.

New Stuff: GE Monogram 30″ Fully Integrated Refrigerators are Available!

Written by Appliance Dude | August 6th, 2011

After a delay of a few months, the new GE Monogram fully-integrated 30″ refrigerators are rolling into dealer warehouses and onto showroom floors. As GE puts it:

Now Monogram is opening a new door in built-in design with models that can not only be customized, but also fully and seamlessly integrated with surrounding cabinetry. It’s the perfect answer when you’re looking for a true flush fit.


“Glass- and solid-door refrigerators can be customized with your choice of stainless steel European or professional exterior panels in an 80- or 84-inch height. Or, for a custom look, order wood panels from your cabinetmaker.”

They're Here! New Monogram 30" Refrigerators Are Available.

The translation:

– Solid door refrigerators are available NOW.
– Glass door refrigerators will be available in October
– If you don’t order the fridge in stainless you will have to order both a front AND handles from your cabinetmaker.
GE will not be selling their handles as accessories like Sub-Zero does.
– If you order a stainless unit you’ll have your choice between the thinner, tubular “Euro” handle, or the chunky, thick,
pro handle.
– The fridges comes with 2 drawers…the lower one is a freezer and the upper one is convertible between a fridge or freezer.
– Fridges are using a HFC-free system meaning that it’s ozone-friendly!

I’ve had a lot of interest in these fridges come out of NYC. Strapped for space and/or looking for a sleek, contemporary look with the flexibility of hiding the appliances behind your cabinet, rocking the stainless look or for those who keep a fastidiously neat fridge and want to show glass…GE Monogram is giving you options.

Monogram 30″ refrigerator, glass door – Coming in October!

Monogram 30″ refrigerator, solid door – ZIC30GNZII

Dennis’ GE Monogram Kitchen: Pleasantville, NY

Written by Appliance Dude | April 19th, 2011

Looking for a home in lovely Pleasantville? Just down the street from the village and train station this lovely rebuild boasts a beautiful GE Monogram appliance package and a Sharp microwave drawer.

Appliances Used in This Kitchen:
– 36″ gas rangetop with griddle – ZGU364NDPSS
– 36″ insert – ZVC36LSS
– 30″ Double Wall Oven – ZET2PMSS
– 42″ Side by side Fridge, Panel ready – ZISB420DX
– 24″ Monogram wine refrigerator – ZDWI240WII
– 24″ Sharp Micro Drawer – KB6524PS

GE Monogram Kitchen Appliance Package in NJ – The Pro Package Hits Mountain Lakes NJ

Written by Appliance Dude | October 6th, 2010

I just wrapped up a sale with one of my favorite customers from New Jersey who is completing a tear down in Mountain Lakes. All I can say is WOW when it comes to the kitchen this guy put together.

He was torn between a few high end brands and then was considering going with a mixture of appliances. He finally gave up on that track due to the promotions that the high end manufacturers are giving back on packages. Made a lot of sense as he now has an extra $2000 in his pocket.

He ended up going with a Monogram kitchen appliance package, so I’m going to list what he bought, and the reasons why he moved to these pieces instead of others that he was considering.

Refrigerator – 42″ side by side with dispenser: ZISP420DXSS

There was consideration for a Thermador or Viking refrigerator as well. The Viking was quickly out of the picture after he performed a search on Viking refrigerator problems and read way too many complaints. The Thermador was favored by his wife for the design aesthetics (they were initially looking to do an entire Thermador package as a friend of theirs had raved about her Thermador package). However after stopping in the showroom and interacting with the Monogram fridge, they came to the conclusion that they preferred its looks and liked the price point.

Dishwasher – 24″ ZBD890Pii with Pro Panel
This is a special dishwasher as it has to be ordered without a front, and then you would buy the panel with pro handles separately.
There wasn’t much debate re: the dishwasher as the Monogram was priced so far below any comparable Miele dishwashers that had been recommended to them.

36″ Hood – ZV36TSFSS

This is a professional, restaurant-style hood. Big and bulky, don’t put this in a galley kitchen!

36″ Rangetop – ZGU364NDPSS
This is a 36″ rangetop with 4 gas burners and a griddle. Option for liquid propane gas as well. Continuous grates are popular with hardcore cooks as you can move pots around easily.

Advantium SpeedOven ZSC2202NSS

Everyone loves GE’s Advantium technology. The looks of an oven with the functionality of a microwave on steroids. This sports a pro handle as well!

30″ Single Oven – ZET1PMSS

This is an old-school looking oven with the dials…hey some people who aren’t part of the iPod generation don’t want to deal with touchpads etc.
Two knobs, 4 buttons, rock-n-roll. Also sports the thick pro handle so everything in the Monogram appliance package is matched up.

Total Package Price – MSRP $22,899, Discounted Price, probably somewhere closer to $18,750.

GE Monogram Kitchen Appliance Packages

Written by Appliance Dude | January 25th, 2010

Still trying to get over the fact that the Jet’s unlikely playoff run has ended. Wow.
As I was watching the game I was perusing some literature that GE just gave me regarding Monogram kitchen appliance packages. Interesting things in there so let me get my mind off Gang Green’s loss and get back to the world of appliances…

GE has released a few Monogram package deals scaling from a MSRP price of $10,999 for a 5-piece package up to $37,299 for an 8-piece appliance package deal. Keep in mind that these are MSRP prices so odds are, if you are dealing with the right appliance store, you’re going to be able to buy into these packages at lower prices.

I wanted to take a few of these packages and dissect them and see what Monogram is bringing to the table. In the last two years I’ve become a very big fan of Monogram products as I like the redesign they performed on their cooking line and I NEVER hear from customers with problems related to the product.

Monogram kitchen appliance suite

I sent two of my employees to GE’s Monogram factory in Louisville, Kentucky (yes it’s American-made) and they were extremely impressed by the line. They received hands-on training with the product and also were given insight into the manufacturing process. Suffice to say I think Monogram is going to be a popular choice for customers who want to dip their toes into the high-end space but don’t want to completely blow out their budget. The one thing that Monogram appliances offers is price flexibility as dealers aren’t tied to UMRP policies (minimum pricing set by manufacturers).

I was particularly drawn to the Monogram kitchen appliance package that GE has dubbed “Metro”.
This suit of appliances is geared towards urban dwellers who may have space constraints. It includes:
36″ Free Standing Counter Depth fridge – ZFGB21HYSS
24″ dishwasher – ZBD6920PSS
30″ hood – ZV830SMSS
30″ gas cooktop – ZGU384NSMSS or ZGU384LSMSS
30″ single convection oven – ZET938SMSS

You’ll notice that the Metro package offers the thin, tubular-style handles popularized by another premium appliance manufacturer based in Wisconsin. Monogram also offers the flexibility to use Pro-style handles which are available on their cooking ranges.