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Whirlpool Washer vs Maytag – WFW92HEFW

Written by Appliance Dude | June 30th, 2017

A Maytag washer holds the top position in the 2017 consumer reports ratings, but there is a Whirlpool washer which is right on its coattails.

Whirlpool washer vs Maytag…which direction should you go in?

If you are looking for a washer, or washer and dryer upgrade and you want front loaders, buy the Whirlpool WFW92HEFW washer and its accompanying dryer.

I am going to create a direct comparison between the Maytag mhw8200 and the Whirlpool wfw92hefw

Whirlpool WFW92HEFW

The Whirlpool WFW92HEFW and it’s dryer mate are being sold at extremely low prices this 4th of July

Maytag and Whirlpool Washer Similarities
Both are 4.5 cu ft.
Both are Energy Star Certified
Both spin at 1200 RPMS – this will shorten your dry times and help you save energy
Both have 1 year comprehensive warranties
Both have fan systems which pump fresh air into washer, thus minimizing mildew

Maytag and Whirlpool Washer Differences
Whirlpool has one more cycle, listed below:

• Allergen
• Bedding
• Clean Washer With Affresh
• Cold Wash
• Delicates
• Drain & Spin
• Normal
• Overnight Wash & Dry (12hr)
• Powerwash®
• Sanitize
• Wrinkle Control

• Normal
• Cold Wash
• Delicates
• Heavy Duty
• Clean Washer with affresh
• Drain & Spin
• Quick Wash
• Sanitize
• Whites
• Towels
• Color Last
• Wash & Dry

Whirlpool has 2 more temperature settings
Whirlpool allows for ADA height

The biggest advantage for the Whirlpool washer vs Maytag is that it is built with commercial components and it has a 10 year warranty on the motor. The Maytag also has the overnight wash setting but considering that the Whirlpool has their version of Maytag’s Fresh Hold fan system, the Whirlpool can probably handle an overnight load as well.

So with the products so close in their feature sets, and since they are owned by the same company, which should you choose?
With the current 4th of July promotion, the answer is clearly the Whirlpool WFW92HEFW. You can currently get the Whirlpool washer and dryer for $1499 (a steal!) plus you can also get a rebate if you purchase pedastels as well. The Maytah 8200’s are over $2000 as a pair…so with a price difference of over $500 the answer is clear…jump into the Whirlpool!

Curto’s LG Steam Washer & Dryer Review

Written by Appliance Dude | March 21st, 2012

I’m feeling it for this LG laundry pair. The WM2550HWCA and the DLGX2551W are being phased out in the next 2 mos as LG refreshes the laundry line. They are anything but outdated as they offer all the latest bells and whistles that a laundry system can bring to the table. That said, pounce on them!

Hot Pants! Prez Day Deal on the GE GTWN4250MWS Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | February 15th, 2012

Hot Pants Alert!

I’ve found a piece with such value that it demands the “hot pants” declaration and needs to stand loud and proud atop the blog.
There was a big buy on this piece at my buying coop and last check I saw about 1200 piece on their way in from GE.
That’s right, we have veritable army of GTWN4250 washers on the way in…It Take a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back!

If the front load phenomenon or the high efficiency top loaders don’t rock your world and you want a simple, safe and reliable
no-frills washer, then jump on this. It’s selling for below 4 bills and offers:
– Energy Star
– It offers a stainless steel tub
– 3.6 cu ft of DOE rated capacity

The story is short and sweet here. You’re buying an Energy Star rated machine on the cheap. And you’re getting a stainless tub (which used to be the sole province
of much higher-priced machines a few years back). If you’ve been thinking about a new washer, hook it up, plug it in and say goodbye to any laundry issues for the next decade.

Hot Pants Alert! GE GTWN4250MWS

First Hot Pants alert for February. Jump on this Prez Day Deal!


Control Panel for the GE GTWN4250MWS

Great Value: Electrolux Steam Washer Dryer EIFLS60J

Written by Appliance Dude | January 29th, 2012

Electrolux dropped prices on some of their top washers and dryers on January 1 (yes these include steam models) and I feel like it’s time to pounce on one particular model which is screaming VALUE + PERFORMANCE!!!!
The “60” models bring alot to the table, actually they almost completely replicate what the top of the line 70 series bring forth. Check out the vid…

PS – One thing I did not mention in the video, as far as differences are concerned, is that the “60” models use IQ Touch and the “70” series uses Wave Touch. Not a big deal, video to come re: those differences as well.

Appliance Deals: Electrolux Lowers the Price on Front Load Washers and Dryers

Written by Appliance Dude | January 6th, 2012


2012 rolls in and Electrolux decides to get all funky with their laundry prices.
Prices have been cut about $200 on every model.
This is huge.

Electrolux had always priced themselves above the competition, and in some cases WAY above them.
First they had that UMRP thing (the policy which mandates that dealers can’t sell below a certain Electrolux-set price) which inflated prices to begin with. Then you had Elx’s mindset that since they were bringing more to the table – larger capacity, steam in the washer and the dryer, more cycles including the 14 min wash/15 min dry and the 2nd floor guarantee, why the hell not price yourselves at a premium?

Here is the Electrolux Washer/Dryer Pair That We Own. Sexy, huh?

When Electrolux ran a rebate, my sales would spike. When the rebates expired, sales would plummet. I think alot of people just couldn’t justify spending $400-$500 more apiece on a washer and dryer when they could just rock a Whirlpool Duet or Maytag and know they were going to get a quality machine for much less.

Electrolux got smart, the prices have been chopped and I expect the laundry line to start rocking now. It’s closer to the comps and is still bringing more to the table from a feature-set. And who knows, they may even tag them with a rebate which would then make these absolutely NO-BRAINERS.

BOTTOM LINE – You can diss ELX for their refrigerators all you want but they have ALWAYS gotten laundry right. Hell, I own a pair so I should know!!!

What Should You Buy? Top Load Washer (HE) vs. Front Load Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | October 13th, 2011

Working out the kinks with the vids!

People are really starting to move to the top load washer/dryer pairs.
Prices are right, capacity is growing and no mildew.

For those inquiring, prices can range from the mid $600’s all the way up to $1700 for the new Whirlpool set with USB ports.

Which GE Front Load Washer Dryer?

Written by Appliance Dude | October 7th, 2011

Continuing the theme from last night’s post, out of the three flavors of non-Profile GE front loaders, I am casting my lot with the steam enabled GFWS3505L washer and the GFDS355EL or GFDS355GL (gas) dryer.
Due to aggressive pricing by GE, these models just plain deliver more than the other models and are nearly priced at the same level.

Yes, having steam in the dryer is cool, and the GFWS3505L washer includes it as well. Steam in the washer…never been a fan and I have been adamant about sharing that sentiment with customers. In my opinion it’s just something else to talk about in order to justify higher prices on washers. However, GE is very clear that steam in the washer is something to behold as it will “rejuvenate fabrics while removing wrinkles and odors” and when injected into a wash load, steam will help lift hard to remove stains and provide a more through cleaning. Am I going to tell you it’s not going to work? No. However I wouldn’t base my purchase decision on this feature.

Instead, focus on the size, the spin speed, the Energy Star rating, the Vibration control, the Speed wash and the load sensing adaptive fill (translation – the washer senses the load weight, then fills with corresponding water).

The GFDS355 dryer brings game as well. At 7.5 cu ft it can fit pretty much anything you toss at it.
It has steam (which I find more useful in a dryer as it’s focus is to refresh and de-wrinkle), a speed dry and the e-dry mode which cuts energy use by 10%.

I’m not going to tell you that this pair is the best set of front loading laundry on the market. However they provide some of the best value out there. They are rebated as well, so you should walk out the dealership for a tick above $1000 with a new washer and dryer on the way.

GFWS3505 – 4.9 cu ft
GFDS355GL – 7.5 cu ft


GE Front Load Washers GFWH2400LWW, GFWN1100LWW, GFWS3500LWW

Written by Appliance Dude | October 6th, 2011

I’m going to make this a three part post, focusing on GE’s three best selling washers.
GE is focusing mucho marketing dollars on these pieces as they hope to become a bigger front load laundry player as they take aim at Whirlpool and LG. Let’s see what this looks like…

The Intro Washer
GFWN1100LWW Tale of the Tape:
Capacity – 3.5 cu ft
Energy Star – Yes
3 Wash cycles
Spin Speed – 1000 RPMS
Delicate cycle – Yes
Available colors – white

The Middle Washer
GFWH2400LWW Tale of the Tape:
Capacity – 4.9 cu ft
Energy Star – Yes
Load Size Sensor for water conservation
Spin Speed – 1200 RPMS
Delicate cycle – Yes
Available colors – white, silver and red

The Premium Washer
GFWS3500LWW Tale of the Tape:
Capacity – 4.9 cu ft
Energy Star – Yes
Steam – Yes
Spin Speed – 1200 RPMS
Delicate cycle – Yes
Available colors – white, silver and red

Yes GE has better and bigger washers than any of these in The Profile lineup), but the key here is the value. These are the units that GE is putting money behind and these are the ones that retailers are moving.

GE gfws3505lms washer - Curtos.com

Pair of GE Front Loading Laundry

Maytag Frontload Washers Holidays 2010 – A Comprehensive Review

Written by Appliance Dude | November 26th, 2010

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Maytag Washers

Once upon a time Maytag was one of the most venerable brands in business. The image of the Maytag repair man idling by as he never got to repair any machines was a testament to Maytag’s reputation for quality, long-lasting washing machines and dryers.

Then things changed in the 2000’s. First Maytag reintroduced the front-load washer to the US market (beating Whirlpool’s “Duet” by a good year) and ended up having their pants sued off them due to mildew problems in the washer. Whirlpool observed this, adjusted the plans for the Duet, and then watched them become a smash success upon release, while Maytag was mired in litigation with their Neptune washing machines.

Problems with Maytag continued. Rumors of Maytag service problems began to mount, and suddenly Old Lonely the Maytag man was inundated with repair calls. Word started to spread and suddenly Maytag was a company in jeopardy. Whirlpool then stepped in and purchased Maytag and vowed to retool the company and heal the broken brand.

In the last year or so, the Maytag ship has been righted. Whirlpool made the decision to return Maytag to its roots as a rock-solid, venerable laundry company. Yes Maytag still produced ranges, ovens and refrigerators but Whirlpool has positioned the new Maytag as the THE laundry brand.
Maytag uses commercial components for increased durability and now offers a 10 yr limited parts guarantee on select machines.

Maytag has split its washers into three categories: frontload, high efficiency top load and traditional top load washers.
The frontloaders and high efficiency top loaders are where most of the sexiness can be found, but even the top load washers hearken back to Maytag’s heritage as quality washer brand at affordable prices.

Here is a breakdown of the frontload washer categories with analysis of select models. Note that MSRP pricing is listed at bottom of each model…figure Curto’s sale price is significantly below MSRP.

Maytag Frontload Washers

MHW6000XW – this is Maytag’s high-end laundry offering for front load washers. Super sexy piece, the MHW6000XW looks like it would be George Jetson’s washing machine of choice. This is Maytag’s entrant to grab LG by the collar and say “Hey we can make an incredibly sleek-looking washer with bells and whistles and things that people probably don’t need but still look cool in the specs BUT our customers will be able to get service and we’ll undercut your price in the market!”
Size – 5.0 cu ft which makes it Maytag’s largest capacity front load washer
Energy Efficient – yep, certified CEE Tier 3
Power Wash cycle – yep
Warranty – limited 10 years
Bells and Whistles – Advanced vibration control, stain clean option, allergen removal, delay start option
MSRP Price – $1299

Maytag's super sexy front load washer - MHW6000xw

Maytag's super sexy front load washer - MHW6000xw

Not quite sure that I understand this offering. Brings much of what the 450 (see next) brings to the table yet at a higher price point. Is one more wash cycle worth the upcharge.
Size – 4.5 cu ft
Energy Efficiency – Energy Star qualified Cier Tier III
Steam – Yes
Spin Speed – 1300 RPMS
Power Wash – Yes
Warranty – 10 years limited
MSRP Price – $1199


Maytag's MHWE950www...I can't figure this one out.

MWHE450WW – This is a sweet value play folks. Nice size, Energy Star qualified
she hums at 1300 RPMS…and you can find this priced in the $700’s. Such a sweet deal that it makes sense that Maytag changed up the looks on the MHW6000XW because the 450 would’ve cannibalized its sales.
Size – 4.5 cu ft
Energy Efficiency – Energy Star qualified Cier Tier III
Steam – Yes
Power Wash – Yes
Spin Speed – 1300 RPMS
Warranty – 10 years limited
MSRP Price – $1099